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Today We are going to improve our time management skills. Today I will tell you 2 principles from famous book eat that frog which help you to achieve an effective time management.

Good time management allows you to achieve more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success. Each benefit of time management improves another aspect of your life.

Procrastination is the most obvious result of wasting time. Students who don’t have control over their time end up letting tasks sit until the last minute – and then they feel a lot of stress when they try to play catch up. If you’ve let too many tasks sit, you might miss deadlines entirely.

Brian Tracy who is the author of the book Eat That Frog! give us many ways to end up all procrastination Today I am going to share 3 principles from this great book Which will help you to improve your time management skills.

Time management skills

Which is the Best Time For Hardest Work ? for better Time management skills

The book starts with one question which everyone should ask himself, the question is If you have a frog and it is necessary to eat it then which time you will choose to eat it from your day.

The author says You should choose your morning time to eat it because if you will leave it for the next hours this will surround you with anxieties all the time for that work of eating.

Author Indicate that frog to your hardest work of the day.Your hardest work is like that frog which if you will leave it for next hour will again create a pressure of anxiety in your mind so you should also complete that hardest work at morning when your body is full of energy and will power.

When we finish a work our brain releases endorphin chemicals which gives us a natural high. We can make this feeling to our addiction to achieve anything. This will again help us to do your work again.

Time management skills

Now we all understand what is the best time to complete your hardest task from your all day so now we can start with those three principles which I took from book are very useful to end procrastination and help you to manage your time effectively.

Principle 1. Setting the Table | Set goals for achivements

When we don’t know what exactly we need to do .Our mind leave this most important works for next time.To solve this problem we need to setting our table in a way where we can end this procastination completely.

we need to avoid confusion and lack of clarity to use our time properly. So here is a simple 7 steps for goal setting and achievement.

  1. Decide exactly what do you want — Without knowing what exactly you want you can not achieve it, for example, Until I did not decide which topic should I write next I become more distracted and waste more time. So at first decide what exactly your goal is.
  2. Think on paper — Only 3% of people write their goals on paper and this produces higher chances of success. Our mind is less capable to store information and more capable to find or generate new information so write everything in paper. It will also help you to overload in mind.
  3. Make deadlines — To end or complete any work we need to give them deadlines otherwise, we will procrastinate more instead of doing that thing.
  4. Make a list — As I said , Our mind is less capable to store information and more capable to find or generate new information so we should create a list to decrease the load in our mind and remind our every smallest work. I will tell you how to make a list in the next principle.
  5. Organize — Organise your all work with included all of the daily works like cooking or gym etc. Which I will tell you in the third principle.
  6. Take action on your plane — It is not possible to become successful by reading a success book .
  7. We can not succeed if we did not apply them practically. so Keep taking action on your planes. Resolve yourself to do things every day that moves you towards your goals. acquire new skills to learn from mentors which helps you to achieve your target.
Time management skills

Principle 2 – Plan everyday in advance

A 6p formula says that proper prior planning prevents poor performance.So we should plan in advance for our daily works.For that you can make 4 list .

  1. 1st master list – which includes all lifetime work, goals, etc for example world tour, Big Home, etc
  2. 2nd monthly list – work that needs to be done in a month to achieve at least one master list goal.
  3. 3rd weekly list – work that needs to be done in a week to achieve at least one monthly list of goals.
  4. Last and 4th — each day list – works that need to finish today itself. for week goals completion
Time management skills

Principle 3 – abcde Technique

abcde technique is a technique where we modify our list according to work’s Priority.We will give a,b,c,d,e to every work where

  • a –very important work with huge consequences if did not do
  • b — important work with moderate consequences if did not do
  • c — good to do but with no consequences if did not do
  • d — work that can be delegated to others
  • e — work that can be eliminated with no effect if did not do

This will priorities your all works. and help you to schedule your work more easily. All lists will take time once but after making them you will never procrastinate you and this will help you to achieve your all goals in a time with smart time management skills.

I gave only three priciples here if you want to know all principles you can buy book from here.

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less

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