Things to be grateful for |LISTEN 40 quite things I’M GRATEFUL For

Hey Guys, Welcome to another summer’s lazy day. I don’t know you will like or not a topic on things to be grateful for. Actually, I stuck on this idea when I was trying to change my negative and sad feeling.

Things to be grateful for

So I decided I will make a whole big list of things in my life which gives me different levels of feeling, sometimes pleasures or sometimes laziness. So that I could thankful at least today for the people I have and the experiences I have and things like that

I’m gonna share about those 40 things that I’m grateful for in life. I feel like, in times when you’re feeling sad, all you feeling like laughs doesn’t really make any sense .

I had to condense it down into a list of 40 but quite a lot of stuff so I’m just gonna get straight into it and I hope you guys enjoy this type topic

  1. So the first thing that I’m really grateful for is my family I’m so grateful for my siblings I’m so grateful to have brother and sister whom I grew up with and had amazing childhood experiences with, who continuously support me and are just there to be friends and siblings.
    grateful things of my life
    I’m also really grateful for my parents because without them I really would not be the same person I am today they have supported me in every single aspect of my life and every opportunity I’ve ever had and everything about my life I have because of my parents
  2. The next thing I’m grateful for is my friends, I’m so grateful to have people in my life who genuinely care about me and really put effort into making sure I’m okay and really just experience
    i'm grateful for good friends
  3. Memories with my health because I think it’s a lot of people take for granted I am so grateful that I can get out of bed every single day and do the things that I love and to go to work and go to university and all those types of things because my health is okay

    especially in comparison to people who come from other countries who have a healthcare system .she’s not as good as the one we have in Australia, sorry some of these things are a little serious and some of these things as I go along and I’m gonna be a serious but you know a little bit of both
  4. Money because I think everybody I know appreciates the value of money.I think it’s amazing that I’m able to walk down at the supermarket right now and buy a whole week of groceries I have such a privilege to do that whereas some people live on less than $2 a day. even if I am a poor student I’m so grateful for the chance to be able to go down to the supermarket and do that
    money my another grateful thing
  5. Education because it’s the one thing the world nobody can ever take from you .once you learn something it is always in your brain .knowledge is power it allows you to do the things that you do in life .it allows you to be the person you want to be in life and achieve the things you want to do, I feel like education is the key to anything
  6. Laughter because without laughter the world would be a very sad place. the memories that I have and cherish with all my friends and family revolve around the fact that it was an amazing time that everybody was laughing and smiling and having a great time
    laughter is also grateful thing in my life
  7. My phone because that is something I am 100% take for granted. 50 years ago they didn’t have a phone where you could just look up things on the internet cold we’re friends and family

    They used to have to send letters in the mail wait two weeks to get a reply back ,so like you know I really am grateful for my phone
  8. Books because they allow me to escape my reality and completely immerse myself in a completely different world full of amazing characters through using my imagination and learn things about the world and values and things like that that I never would have thought of
    strong mind
  9. Experiencing pain , crying and having mistakes I feel like it’s a pot of life and it’s something we completely take the granted. Pain and bad moments and things like that always happens so that you can appreciate the amazing things in life when they do come along otherwise if bad things didn’t happen

    you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the difference between an amazing experience and an also amazing experience
  10. Holidays because that’s the university student I completely take the current to the fact that when I’m older I’m gonna have to work a full-time job don’t have holidays oh that’s gonna suck
    holiday other grateful thing in my life
  11. Wi-Fi because we have a Wi-Fi I don’t know where I’d be Wi-Fi is my lifelike. I am literally on at 90% of the day, so I’m so grateful that we are able Wi-Fi
  12. My current situation I am eternally grateful for I am so grateful that I’m able to move to Melbourne, study the thing that I love and have all of these amazing opportunities just I am really happy in the situation that I’m in and yeah I’m just so grateful to be right here, right here right now it’s amazing and I’m so grateful for it
  13. Music because music supports me emotionally allows me to express myself emotionally and listen to music that boosts my mood makes me feel batter or compliment my mood when I’m not so good
  14. My strengths I feel like people don’t really pay attention to their strengths and they pay more attention to their weaknesses but I’m totally grateful for the personality characteristics that I think of my strengths such as when bad things happen I often am able to after some time brush myself up pick myself up and just keep going.
    I'm grateful for my strength
    I think my determination is something that I am really grateful for because it allows me to keep going in life
  15. Food because things like pizza chocolate lollies cake all of those amazing things in life exists
  16. My job because if you guys you know I got a new job and it’s actually one that I finally lacked doing ,which is amazing because I never thought happen
  17. Sunshine most specifically just seasons in general I love the fact that at different times of the year we experience different seasons sometimes ,somehow sometimes it’s all done sometimes this moon does sometimes spring do a me but like seasons are amazing and I love the fact that it’s not say well we around and it changes
  18. Makeup because I feel like it allows me to feel confident and it also allows me to express myself in another creative way. I love applying makeup. I discuss about increasing beauty tips with friends it’s just something that’s a big part of my life and I quite like it as a hobby
    i'm thankful for makeup
  19. Fresh starts but specifically I like the fact that you can go to bed one night feeling a certain way and wake up the next morning as if your life is just beginning then, that makes sense if you don’t like the way your life is going and go to bed one night wake up the next day and change something to fix it
  20. Gilmore Girls because Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite TV shows ever and it continuously brings me happiness every single time I watch it .so I’m so grateful that it exists.
  21. There are little things in life that I think people take for granted , such as getting on a train platform and your train getting there immediately or being worried about an assignment then finding out that the due date has been extended .just little things in life that you completely take for granted
  22. Google because without Google I would be one very lost human being I research everything on there and Google is my life
  23. Tradition starts it’s birthdays Easter Christmas anytime that I get to spend with my family and friends
  24. It’s just amazing pajamas because pajama pants alike the most comfortable things ever and I’m just so grateful the things it
  25. Sales I’m so grateful it sales exist because I hate paying full price for things and whenever I find out that a sale is happening, I just feel really really great.I am a bargain hunter it is in my blood and sails alive
    very grateful for sales
  26. My camera turned off so it’s hardly any pain .when you’re applying eyeliner and your wings match doesn’t have a very often move but when it does ahh! makes my day
  27. My house at Hiram has a tin roof and when I got home and it starts to rain and that rain like bounces off the tin roof it makes the most amazing sound and I’m just so grateful for those moments
  28. When you get in a conversation with an older person and they share their life experiences and their good old wisdom with you.I just love chatting to older people and I think it’s such an interesting thing to hear all the things that they’ve experienced in their lifetime
    grateful for old friends
  29. Wearing printed socks because whoever invented the idea of printing hot dogs on two socks was an absolute genius.
  30. Late-night Deanne obsessions with your friends.I feel like once the clock turns twelve, all of your secrets just come out and it makes you so much closer as friends when you talk about things like that sorry I feel like late-night sessions really just are an important aspect of life and conversations that I am really really grateful for with my friends
  31. When you’re really really hungry so you make that treacherous walk over to the fridge and you open it and it’s full of food and you get so many things to choose from .best feeling ever
  32. Jennifer Lawrence because she is my queen and I love her a bit
  33. People if you send the first message I feel like I am always the person who sent the first message so when somebody else does it to me I’m so grateful for that person
  34. Trees because they have just so pretty I often go for a walk every single night and I absolutely love walking alone with olive green trees around me and they’re all blowing in the wind .I’m so grateful to be able to live around an amazing beautiful environment full of the greenery and things like that
    trees feels me grateful
  35. The kindness of strangers because chivalry is not dead so many people do amazing things every single day for people. I don’t even know whether it’s holding a door saying have a nice day all those little moments that we completely take for granted if you don’t pay attention to them
  36. Inspirational quotes because on a lot of days I just can’t function as a human being. I’m reading inspirational quotes just gets me out of bed in the morning sometimes this makes me really motivated and productive about life which it’s great
  37. Candles because they smell amazing and they make me really really happy when I burned them
  38. My camera because it brings me so much joy and happiness . it’s my creative outlet allows me to take photos to express myself creatively and that’s why I love it
  39. and lastly the thing that I’m grateful for is YouTube because without it I don’t know where I would be . YouTube has allowed me to grow my personality while I was lazy. and I am today it has allowed me to have hours and hours of entertainment .

    It allows me to have a creative outlet that I absolutely love doing and it has allowed me to meet amazing people that I cherish and I love and I called my friends and people who ever remember forever and I think that is just an amazingly beautiful thing

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