12 Signs you are talking to a fake friend

fake friends love to brag

Figuring out a person’s real intentions can be pretty hard and often ends in disappointment and heartbreak. Luckily there are a couple of surefire ways to spot a fake person in your life and cut them off before it’s too late

So let’s get right into them

  1. Fake people care about other people’s social status — If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors not equals

    Remember this great quote from Harry Potter that’s exactly how you distinguish a fake person from a genuine one

    When a person doesn’t really care about their own gain they pay zero attention to the social status of others
    fake friends
    Focusing on their personality traits and characteristics instead

    A fake person, on the other hand, isn’t interested in you they’re interested in what they can get from being close to you

    Take the Harry Potter books for example while Harry never paid attention to Ron and Hermoine social status

    Draco Malfoy always judged people based on how powerful or rich they were

    So take a closer look at how they observe the people around them and you’ll see everything you need to know
  2. Fake people manipulate others — Can you imagine a genuine and happy person trying to manipulate somebody

    Not just doing a harmless manipulation but using disgusting methods to make others do what’s best for them no matter how bad it may be for somebody else
    fake people manipulation
    This is exactly what a fake person would do the example of Lucy and Eustace from The Chronicles of Narnia illustrates this point very well

    Lucy never tried to change others and accepted them as they were Eustace chose to threaten people to get what he wanted

    If you notice someone constantly manipulating you and your feelings there’s no point trying to make it work

    Unfortunately, these toxic people will never give up their ways
  3. Fake people crave attention — Genuine and confident people usually don’t feel a burning desire to be the center of attention at all times

    The reason behind it is pretty simple they don’t really care what society thinks of them

    But with fake people, the situation is completely different they feel like they’re lacking something important and they try to compensate for it by getting ahead of the game no matter who gets hurt in the process

    If you need an example take a look at the second Shrek movie Shrek never wanted to be popular in the first place and always did what felt authentic to him

    His antagonist prince charming craved attention and was ready to break up a loving couple just to be noticed and get his way fake person behavior at its best
  4. Fake people never listen — Fake people love to talk about themselves if you meet a person who never asks about you and always makes every topic about themselves
    fake people never listen others
    You’re probably dealing with a fake person who doesn’t deserve your time and effort

    There’s a great cinematic example of such behavior in the recent hit to all the boys I’ve loved before

    You have Jen Lera jeans former best friend who stopped their friendship right away and never really bothered to listen to Lera G inside of the story

    Jen made the situation all about her then there’s Lera Jean who’s a great friend and a genuine person always ready to listen and offer support

    It’s not hard to figure out who’s the fake one out of the two of them right
  5. Fake people love to brag — Someone’s bragging is never fun to listen to If you come across a person who can’t stop talking about how awesome they are

    There’s a big chance you are talking to a fake person

    Genuine people are proud of their accomplishments but don’t boast about them left and right

    On the contrary, a fake person goes on and on and on about how beautiful smart and fantastic their personality things and smallest achievements are

    The classic movie Beauty and the Beast does a really good job of showing this difference
    fake friends love to brag
    There’s the beast who’s very intelligent and read numerous books throughout his life but never really talked about it

    Then there’s Gaston who always shows off boasting about all the Magnificent things he never actually did wise Disney knew that the earlier we learned this lesson the batter
  6. Fake people break their promises — Remember the classic Jane Austen book Pride and Prejudice

    Everybody thought that Mr. Wickham was the most charming man in the world but he turned out to be a fraud and a liar who never kept his promises

    At the same time, Mr. Darcy whom everybody hated from the beginning showed himself to be a man of this world on multiple occasions
    fake people break promise
    and that’s another sign of a genuine person right there if you keep hanging out with someone who talks big but always disappears when it comes to action this is definitely not a person you can rely on

    Do you really need friends you cannot trust it’s way better to keep your circle tight and make sure that the people around you always have your back
  7. Fake people are opportunists — Genuine people love to spend time with you and will never throw a friendship or romantic relationship out the window

    However fake people see the situation completely differently they’re happy to be by your side but only till they meet somebody with a higher status or more money

    Even more, so they’re not afraid to ruin your relationships to get the best you have

    As always I have a cinematic example for you for this one it’s chastity from 10 Things I Hate About You

    She hung out with Bianca for a long time but instantly forgot about their friendship once she could get closer to the popular guy Joey as opposed to Cameron who genuinely loved Bianca not cool
  8. Fake people put others down — One of the most obvious signs of a fake person is when they try to look better at someone else’s expense
    push someone down
    This type of person never hesitates to criticize others harshly to make themselves appear cooler

    The captain of Gondor from the lord of the rings’ who always treated his servants and even his own son with disrespect is a perfect example of that

    Genuine people, on the other hand, try their best to uplift and inspire others just take a look at Aragorn who always supported those around him

    So if your newfound friend or lover always makes offensive comments about others it’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore
  9. Fake people feed off drama — Fake people never care about someone else’s feelings instead they love to play people off against one another for fun and entertainment

    Just look at what Regina George did throughout the whole Mean Girls movie and especially toward the end

    Turning a whole school into complete chaos now that’s definitely not something a genuine person like Aaron or Damian would do right

    If you see your friend or partner constantly destroying the lives of others don’t think they’ll never do the same thing for you

    Once they get bored you could easily become their next toy
  10. Fake people gossip — There’s a great quote that says great minds discuss ideas average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people
    fake friend gossip
    And that’s exactly where gossiping stands when it comes to fake people

    Genuine people have high moral principles that don’t let them talk behind someone’s back

    If they don’t like you they simply don’t interact with you that often but fake people prefer hypocrisy and often act all lovey-dovey with you while talking trash about you behind your back

    James Cameron portrayed these two types of people perfectly in his hit movie Titanic with the Unsinkable Molly Brown

    A strong woman who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and roses mother who enjoyed spreading rumors and judging others
  11. Fake people are only nice when they need something — The only focus of a fake person is themselves so they view people from the perspective of what they can get from them

    This hidden feature can be pretty hard to notice right away

    let’s take the legendary Game of Thrones if you were Robert Baratheon you would probably never realize the real frightening nature of your wife Cersei

    Who in fact was planning to kill you all along and that’s exactly what a fake person would do

    Be nice and friendly to your face but use you for their own good at the same time

    thankfully there are more genuine people like Jon Snow who’s respectful toward everyone he comes across and always lets his feelings show when he isn’t a fan of somebody
  12. Fake people disappear when you need them the most — Every single one of us has been in a difficult situation at least once in our lifetime
    leave when needed
    Sure these situations are the worst but they always show you who your true friends are since fake friends always disappear at the first sign of trouble

    Remember Emma Roberts movie wild child when the main character poppy got sent to the boarding school

    She felt lonely at first and tried to keep in touch with her best friend Ruby, but Ruby forgot her in a minute simply because she was no longer considered cool by the wealthy team crack

    At the same time, the real friends poppy made at her boarding school stuck with her through thick and thin

    So the old saying a friend in need is a friend indeed will never stop being true

    How do you figure out whether a person is genuine or not

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