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Welcome again, Today’s mastery session is all about how to stay positive and handle a bad day. you know how do you really take a bad day and restructure it so that you can actually turn it into something valuable

How to stay positive In a bad day?

So I’m going to share with you the five tips of turning a bad day into a valuable day and even an epic day

Here First P stands for perspective, perspective is a word that seems very simple but I think it’s very powerful

It’s very easy to get seduced into making something small a lot larger than it is

and perspective simply reminds us to go to 50,000 feet on a bad day and count our blessings

Perspective simply reminds us that things could be a lot worse

Perspective on a bad day is simply understanding that we live in a world where half the world’s population lives on less than two dollars and fifty cents a day

Perspective on a bad day is reminding yourself that of that Persian proverb which says I cursed the fact I had no shoes until I saw the man who had no feet

Perspective is such a powerful word here’s a great question on a bad day to bring on some perspective has anyone died here so perspective is something I really want you to think about and on a bad day it will actually allow you to turn the lead into gold and really pivot

which brings me to the second P of turning a bad day into a great day and it’s pivot

Here’s the question to really help you pivot w t o h –> what’s the opportunity here

stay motivated

So you’re having a bad day maybe you had a fight with someone maybe you lost the big sale maybe someone cut you off in traffic and then you didn’t get your favors favorite lunch and then you missed getting into SoulCycle class and then you had a difficulty on the way home

So let’s say that’s happening you simply run the W T o H question which will allow you to pivot

W T O H what’s the opportunity here see there’s great power in a question and it allows your brain to hunt for something good and keep you stay positive and so how do you pivot

You ask yourself what’s the opportunity here you have a fight with someone let’s say one of your family members USA what’s the opportunity here well your brain then starts to look for the opportunity which is I can learn how to communicate better or this is an opportunity for me to show forgiveness and grow in my personal bravery

This is an opportunity for me to understand my family member better

It’s a great and powerful question which brings me to my third P in turning a bad day into a great day with positivity and it’s pharmacy the

third P is Pharmacy and that’s all about moving when I have a difficult day here’s one of the first things I do I will get on my mountain bike and I will ride like a bat out of wherever through the forest

and that releases dopamine in my brain which is the neurotransmitter of inspiration

and that releases serotonin moving right on the bicycle it releases serotonin which is the pleasure neurotransmitter

and it cuts down on my cortisol which is the fear hormone so just simply going for a mountain bike ride or going for a swim or getting into yoga class or something as simple as going for a walk or maybe even doing jumping jacks when no one’s looking

how to stay positive

will create a pharmacy of mastery within your brain which will affect your psychology , your neurobiology and your interior life

which makes you just feel a lot better you know that after a workout you always feel different than you did before you went into the workout and related to a pharmacy if mastery is something that I have counted on for years when I’ve had good seasons when I’ve had challenging seasons of my life

massage I call it the to massage protocol to massages every single week it moves your lymph it moves your blood which oxygenate your system it reduces toxicity you feel a whole lot better

which brings me to the fourth P in turning a bad day into a great positive day

No 4 pages you know I love journaling and for hundreds and hundreds of years people who have gone through difficulty

People who are experiencing calamity and chaos open a journal turn to a fresh white page and pour their pain or pour their confusion pour their frustration out onto that page it does something so powerful it allows for a profound release of what you’re experiencing out onto the written page

Here’s the key if you repress and suppress your feelings of anger of sadness of disappointment all of those lower energy feelings if you keep them inside they not only build up toxicity and they build up resentment and frustration but those are the very things that lead to inflammation that create this ease and so what I’m sharing with you gripped with great love and respect is really very potent

stay positive

pages the fourth four of turning a bad day into a great day pull out your journal and write what you’re feeling onto a fresh crisp written page which brings me to my fifth and final P in the five P’S of turning a bad day into a great day, a positive day

now you’re saying Robin what are you talking about here well nature nature is life’s sweet recovery method

Going for a walk in the in the woods or walking on a beach and getting next to the ocean or if you live near a desert getting out there if you’re blessed to live by the mountains you know what I’m talking about but when you go out to nature it grounds you

When you connect with the planet, again nature. what does it do it gives you that recovery method so you actually breathe in the fresh air but it reminds you you are part of something so much bigger than yourself

and maybe your bad day is taking you to a better place you know you’ve heard that old idea but life doesn’t really happen to you that life really happens for you and there is this incredible intelligence to life

stay positive

We don’t understand it look you and I are humans we resist it but what if the thing you see is bad is just your false belief system judging it as bad we all know this the things that we seem as bad over time turned about out to be blessings

so everything is really happening to for you for your best interest it’s taking to you to a better place it’s making you stronger it’s teaching you great lessons often we resist it but it all comes for our good

so those are the five P’s to take a bad day and really transmute it into a great day,

Definitely do these five because these are all muscles and like anything the more you practice the stronger and more fluent you’re going to get

and if you keep on practicing you’re going to get to a place where everyone else is feeling oh I’ve gone through this difficulty it’s a bad day and you’re going to see it as a possibility and you’re going to be masterful and turning the difficulty into opportunity from your hidden of being positive

Hey thanks for being here
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