1 Habit Will Make You Successful And Happy (Podcast_Story)

There’s one habit that can make you rich, happy, successful, and it can make all your dreams come true and I’m gonna tell you what this habit is by sharing with you a quick story.


Jonathan was born into a fairly regular family, and his parents really pressured him to go to college, and like most kids, Jonathan never really questioned the idea of college.

His parents went to college, his smart friends at school were going to college, and the successful people in Hollywood movies usually went to college, and the only thing that Jonathan really wanted in his life was to make his parents proud, and just the thought of them not being proud of him would mean that he would be a failure, and he couldn’t let this happen.

So Jonathan went to college, and he had no idea what he wanted to major in, but he was a very smart kid, so his friends and family told him that he should go into medicine.

“If you’re smart enough to be a doctor, “and you don’t hate the idea of being a doctor, “then you should be a doctor,” his dad would tell him, and his friends would tell him that, “Dude, girls love doctors, and they make so much money “and society just respects them so much. “You should totally do it.”

So because Jonathan liked the sound of all this, and he did wanna make his parents proud, he decided to give it a shot. Becoming a doctor can’t be a bad idea, especially if I don’t hate it, Jonathan thought to himself.

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So after eight years of studying, he had become a working doctor, and soon, he started to make a lot of money, and he became respected by his peers, and his family really was proud of him, and soon after that, he met a really lovely girl and she came from a good family, and she had good morals, and she was a kind person,

And in a few years, they got married, and they even had two kids. And similar to how Jonathan didn’t really question the idea of going to college, he didn’t really question his life path, because why would he? He had money, status, he married a girl that most guys would want to be with.

He had everything that society and his family viewed as success, and he lived like this, until he was 40 years old, but at the age of 40, Jonathan started to feel weird. He found himself just kind of going through the motions of his life and everything became such a routine.

He would get up in the morning, drive to work, do his work, drive home, run on the treadmill, and then, he would go to sleep. There was no reason for me to be feeling like this, Jonathan thought to himself.

I have everything that most people want. I’ve done everything right. And he couldn’t figure out what was going on, but it wasn’t until his parents died when Jonathan’s life took a really dark turn.

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The people who he had wanted to make proud had passed away, so he was no longer under the spell of their judgment and his life goal of making them proud was kind of irrelevant, because they were gone.

Jonathan had no idea how to handle him emotions. He felt like there was this giant hole inside of him, and he had no idea how to fill it.

He couldn’t really afford to just stop working, and to rethink his whole life. I mean, he was a fully grown man. He had a wife and two kids that he had to provide for.

Jonathan’ life was no longer just about him, and he had to take care of the responsibilities that he had created for himself. And Jonathan spent the rest of his life with that hole inside of him.

He never felt whole, he never felt complete, and he died full of emptiness.The sad thing about this is that Jonathan’ life is actually very common, but instead of becoming a doctor, it could be becoming an accountant or a teacher, or even a plumber, but the underlying problem is always the same, and it’s that most people have no idea what they want to do with their life, or they feel like something is missing in their life.

So right now, I’m going to tell you the easy solution to this problem.The one habit that will kill that feeling of emptiness, and the one habit that can make you rich, happy and fulfilled is to practice something called self-awareness,

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The technical definition of self-awareness is conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings. I’ll explain what this means through an example.

I think most of us here would like to be rich one day, but what does being rich really mean to you? Is it having $5 million? Or it is simply having $50,000? Because 50,000 U.S. dollars goes a long way in certain countries. Is being rich even about money to you? Would you rather be rich in health, energy, vitality or rich in freedom and family? Or is it a combination of all of these things?

We all want to be rich in some way, but almost none of us have actually defined what being rich means to us, and the only way to actually figure this out is to become self-aware,

Which is something that Jonathan never did in any aspect of his life, from going to college, to the girl he married, and choosing his career path, and I think it’s the career path that makes a lot of us scared and frustrated, because we are always asking ourselves, “what am I passionate about?”, What actually makes me happy in my life? But oftentimes, we just don’t know what that thing is.

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If you don’t know exactly what you want to do with your life, then you have to start trying new things. And a great place to start this is by checking out those places which provides us different skills such as online websites like skillshare ,udemy etc. and if you feel energized and excited, then you should keep doing that thing, because life is too short to do something that you don’t love to do.

When You will find something which you loves most ,you will automatically become happy from your life and feel like successful person.

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