Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence | Are You a genius also?

Your appearance can reveal all the darkest secrets about your health and character and even your brainpower. We can know facts of intelligence, smartness with your body parts.

are you a intelligent
are you intelligent also?

That’s right, experts are sure that your features can tell more about your smartness than the most difficult IQ test!

Body Signs that reveals your Intelligence, Smartness

So let’s find out how smart you really are…

  1. Your head — Surprisingly,
    the big head = big brain and principle works perfectly fine in real life as well. But the main reason behind it is way more complicated than you think.
    People with bigger heads usually have lower neuron density within their brain which, naturally, makes it work quicker and more efficiently. So it’s time to stop hating on your big head and be proud of it!
  2. Your face shape — The only time we think about our face shape is when we need to get a new and daring haircut.

    But in reality, it can say a lot about you personally too! Jean Haner, the author of the book The Wisdom of Your Face, is sure that people with a heart-shaped face have excellent creative abilities.
    face shapes
    Rectangular, square, and triangular face shapes are more logical and success-oriented. People with a diamond-shaped face are perfectionists to the core,

    oval faced folks are welcoming and warm, and round-faced people are all about taking care of others. After all, emotional intelligence counts too, right?
  3. Forehead –Your forehead, A big head is often accompanied by a broad another sign of exceptional intelligence smartness.

    According to the popular Chinese face reading, a 5-finger forehead signifies high intelligence and skill.
    Intelligent people
    These people are quick learners who don’t need any explanations and always finish tasks faster than everyone else. Some specialists even believe that they have somewhat of a sixth sense! Mysterious…
  4. Your eyes — As it turns out, the eyes are the windows not only to your soul but to your IQ levels! And, according to scientists, blue eyes take the lead here.
    Intelligent people
    Just think about it – tons of famous brainiacs (Stephen Hawking, for example) had beautiful, deep blue eyes, so there must be some truth to this. However, blue-eyed people are way more sensitive to light than others. You win some, you lose some!
  5. Your nose — Back in the 19th century there was a very fascinating pseudo-science called nosology.

    Its specialists basically tried to link certain character traits to the shape of a person’s nose, and some of their insights turned out to be kinda right!

    For example, a Roman or aquiline nose was considered to be a sign of cleverness.
    Intelligent people
    These people are great at making important and quick decisions. Those with straight noses, on the other hand, are more into fine arts.

    And, finally, guys and girls with wide nostrils were believed to have deep cognitive skills and serious minds.
  6. Your lips — A couple of years ago, specialists from the Czech Republic decided to conduct a massive study.

    They took pictures of 40 women and 40 men and asked them to take an IQ test, trying to find solid connections between their looks and brain power.
    intelligent people
    Unfortunately, the ladies’ results were all over the place, while the male results had a couple of surprises in store.

    Apparently, guys with thin smiling lips are big intellectuals. Wait, that’s me! High-five to all the guys on the thin lips team!
  7. Your chin — The same Czech study says that bright men don’t have square chins like the heroes from the big movies. Instead, they’re all about neat and pointy ones!
    Select your chin
    A big chin is also a big “no,” according to the researchers. They link it with average IQ and not-so-quick wit.
  8. Your ears — Complete ear symmetry is not that common, and it’s probably for the better since studies say that a lack of it may be a signal of a quick wit.
    intelligent people ears
    Back in 2012, British scientists found that people who have one earlobe longer than the other make better leaders. These unique people put others first and use their brains to make the world better.

    The same thing goes for fingers, by the way, so don’t forget to check it out!
  9. Your hands — There are only two types of people in the world: right-handed and left-handed.

    Technically, there are also a couple of geniuses who can easily switch them up whenever they want to but let’s just forget about them for a sec.
    intelligent people
    So who is actually smarter? Sorry, right-handed people, but this time it’s not you! The thing is, left-handed guys and girls usually have a larger corpus callosum, which allows them to process information really quickly.

    Their highly developed right-brain hemisphere helps as well. So I guess you win this round, lefties!
  10. Your fingers — Remember how I told you that finger asymmetry is a signal of a bright mind? Well, it’s actually connected to their length.

    A study that was published in the British Journal of Psychology claimed that boys with smaller index fingers are generally better at math.
    intelligent people
    For girls it’s a little bit different, though you have to have a smaller index and ring fingers to be considered smarter.
  11. Your waist — It’s no secret that an hourglass figure is considered to be the most desirable among women everywhere. But did you know that women who naturally have it are smarter too?

    American researchers observed about 16,000 women and found that the bigger the difference between a woman’s waist and hips, the brighter she is!
    weist types
    This is all thanks to a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve your mental abilities.

    But hang on, there’s more these same fatty acids can somehow boost the mental power of the child carried by a woman with an hourglass figure during her pregnancy! Wow, your body truly is a wonderland, ladies.
  12. Your breasts — Sorry, guys, this one is for the ladies. It’s no secret that society subconsciously links beautiful large breasts with lower smart intelligence,
    briest types
    but science shows that we couldn’t be more wrong! A study from Chicago University that included no less than 1,200 women discovered that ladies with bigger chests are smarter by about 10 IQ points.

    One more reason to take stereotypes with a grain of salt!
  13. Your body hair — Dr. Aikarakudy Alias, who has been working to find out the connection between body hair and intelligence for years, came to one simple conclusion – thicker body hair means higher IQ.

    Apparently, hairy chests are exceptionally common among doctors and other men of highly educated professions. Moreover, hairier guys are way better students. Who knew!
  14. Your height — If you feel insecure about your impressive height, here’s something that’ll cheer you up.

    A team of researchers from Edinburgh University found a strong link between the genes determining your height and those responsible for your quick wit!

    Some specialists believe that it’s all thanks to the fact that taller people had way more opportunities for leadership back in the day, giving them access to more information. Not fair!
  15. Your weight — Now when it comes to weight, you won’t hear any big revelations or surprises. The only thing experts are concerned about is the less amount of grey and white matter in certain areas of overweight people’s brains.

    And this means only one thing – a healthy mind lives in a healthy body! So take care of yourself, respect your body, and you’ll reach a balance in your mind.

    Of course, this is all just fun science and if you don’t have any of these characteristics, this doesn’t mean that you’re not smart.

    After all, you’re the one responsible for your intelligence, right? So read books, ask questions, explore the world, and you’ll always be the smartest person in the room!

So what do you think, what’s the easiest way to test a person’s intelligence?

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