How to control anger 4 ways [long + short term solutions]

In this post I will tell you How to control anger in 4 easy steps with anger management exercises.

Anger is Most danger enemy of human. It can harm us in many ways.

anger management exercise
anger management exercise

Anger can increase our blood pressure, It can damage our heart, destroy our relationships with our loved ones and affect negatively in many places.
But anger is natural in all humans so anger control is a very powerful and most effective skill which gives us advantages in many social relations as well as body health.
and holding anger can target other people to die from you so we need long term solutions to control anger

Here I will discuss 4 methods of how to control anger Here first technique of anger management is short term solution and other technique is anger management exercise and other long term solutions.

anger management exercise
anger management exercise

Short term anger management–

1. 3-Second rule — According to scientific research when we become angry.

Angerness naturally stable for 2.5 seconds in our mind only and if we react between them then it recursively regenerate more anger and makes us more dangerous.

But if we complete these 2.5 seconds without reaction then this temper will end and we take control in our body again

so we will follow a 3-second rule here means when that sensation will start we would pause ourselves for 3 seconds.

We can use any technique for that like count 1-10 numbers reversely or breathe for 3 seconds hardly or create a fake smile for 3 seconds without getting to know the person in front of us.

And if we take control in our body for that 3 seconds without reacting then this sensation will end .

But this is just a temporary solution if we want to endanger completely then we must follow the following ideas

anger management exercise

Long Term Anger Management Exercises and Solutions

2. Exercise — If we do exercises then a hormone called androgen is released in our body and it helps us to decrease our stress level and if our mood will assume then anger will automatically control.

Here are some exercises I listed you can do that daily these will help you to improve you habit of anger

  • Boxing — Buy boxing accessories like boxing and go to the gym to punch all your anger. Boxing class can divert our anger and release all anger from here. This is a high-intensity exercise that helps us to become fit and stay in shape.
  • Nature Walks — Nature heals our all stress. The green environment gives a high natural feel on our mind This is a great relief for stress and for our digesting system also.
  • Morning running — We can go to a long in the morning this higher intensity exercise helps our body as well as mind in many ways. Morning time all air will also be refreshed so you should definitely go for a run in the morning.
  • Weight lifting — Weight lifting needs a good diet but it has higher benefits also it gives our body a muscled shape and it also can reduce anxiety, reduce irritability levels,  and elevated self-awareness. The workout also gives you a stronger sense of self-confidence. The positivity will not only emotionally improve your health but physically as well.
  • Join any Football or volleyball team — Your Volleyball team will help you to play volleyball as well as decrease your stress level. Because most of these team matches have much fun with play. This kind of sports complete our exercises as well. So we should play high moving outdoor sports.
anger management exercise

3. Meditation — Yoga is an exercise that purifies your mind, body, and soul. This spiritual approach to anger will help you clear your mind. I am fully sure that meditation will completely end your problem of how to control anger

It is such an easy process to do meditation. Stretch out your body, sit in a comfortable position close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Remember your mind should be out of thoughts clean your all mind and just focus on you breathing only.

Benifits of meditation

This will give you a high feel and release all stress. Meditation helps us in many other ways also like Enhances Self-Awareness, May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss, Can Generate Kindness, May Help Fight Addictions. These all benefits of anger was scientifically proved also. Your anger will also be washed away for a long time if you will do meditation daily.

4. Sleep — It is proved that if our sleep is not completed then this effects our mind directly and decrease its performances so it is also necessary to take necessary naps. A normal person should complete her 8 hours of sleep for a productive day.

How sleep affects us

Sleepiness slows down your thought processes. Scientists measuring sleepiness have found that sleep deprivation leads to lower alertness and concentration. It’s more difficult to focus and pay attention, so you’re more easily confused and angry.

If you have other solutions for this problem please notify us from comments. We will add more to the article. Hope this article helps you to solve your problem of how to control anger.

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