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Today we’re going to learn about five easy steps to be instantly charming now let’s begin,

  1. The power of a genuine introduction — Greetings are like the first page of a book it gives your audience a glimpse into the kind of story that they’re about to read

    If it’s an epic battle with dragons and monsters then they’re expecting action-packed fantasy

    If it’s a letter to someone’s lost love then they’re expecting romance or drama

    My point is your introduction sets the tone it tells people what to expect

    Now as you might have guessed these expectations affect their perception of your personality

    When people expect something they look for it they’re more likely to find it even if it’s not there
    charming introduction
    It isn’t much different from the placebo effect, The placebo effect is when your brain convinces your body that a fake treatment is actually working

    Now, of course, you don’t know it’s fake you think you’ve been taking real medication but in reality, they were just sugar pills

    So how do introductions use the placebo effect well let’s say you enter a conversation with a charming introduction you’re happy and confident

    You give a good firm handshake you smile and look them in the eye and right off the bat people will think highly of you

    You set a positive tone you made sure that the first page of your book reads charming and charismatic so from then on people will assume that’s your personality just like someone assumes the medicine that they’re taking is real

    Ah but here’s the catch for introductions and the placebo effect it all falls apart if no one believes you

    Just think about what happens when a patient figures out that they’re taking sugar pills obviously they feel deceived and the treatment isn’t going to work

    Even if the sugar pills cured other patients it won’t do anything for them, introductions fail for the same reason

    If you’re not genuine no one’s going to believe you you won’t create those expectations you have to sell your first impression and make sure that your audience buys it

    So when you smile smile because you mean it smile because you’re happy to see them and when you make eye contact show them that you actually want to establish a personal connection

    Real charm isn’t something you can lie about you can work on it ,you can practice it you can alter your behavior to become more inviting and charismatic but you can’t fake it

    Luckily the best time to show someone that you’re genuine is right at the beginning by perfecting your introduction people won’t just wonder if you’re charming they’ll really believe it
  2. Instant facial judgments — Some people will judge your charm based solely on your appearance and it may only take them a tenth of a second
    facial judgement
    In that extremely short period of time they look at your face they analyze your features and they decide whether or not you’re likable

    Now is that reliable no is it accurate probably not but that doesn’t stop people from doing it all the time

    In fact, a 2005 study predicted elections based solely on these snap judgments

    Participants only needed one second that’s one second to look at someone’s face and judge their personality but it wasn’t just random

    People made the same judgments about the same candidates certain traits made them more competent others made them more dependable

    That’s how researchers correctly predicted almost 70 percent of the Senate races in 2004 all they did was pick the candidates with the most likable faces

    Man they were usually right so how can you use these snap judgments to your advantage while you can’t control the shape of your face there are physical changes that will make you more charming

    For example, people are drawn to physical health now I’m not saying you have to be a professional athlete

    In fact, being to fit or too muscular decreases your charm but maintaining a healthy weight works in your favor

    A 2011 study found that people with average or slightly below average weights are viewed as more intelligent and likable and the same goes for cleanliness

    Good personal hygiene has a huge impact on people little things like a neat haircut or clear skin show people that you care

    It says that your appearance matters to you it means that you’re willing to put in the effort finally some of your physical charm comes from your wardrobe but you don’t need the most expensive suits or dresses

    Just like health and hygiene, people want to see efforts just take some time to research what people are wearing find out what’s appropriate and what’s not

    It might seem like a waste of time but a little work goes a long way remember that you’ve only got a tenth of a second to work with here

    So as you’re improving your appearance here’s a little trick that’ll give you some direction pick a word maybe it’s charming maybe it’s intelligent confident or funny

    Whatever it is your goal is to embody that word not only in things that you say but also in the way you look
  3. Losing social competitions — Charm isn’t about blowing people away this is actually a really common misconception
    You’re not supposed to charm others by impressing them you win them over by letting them impress you

    Just think about any social interaction like a race how does it feel to get first place and pretty great right you’re proud your confidence you feel empowered

    Now what about seconds you’re still proud you’re still confident but it’s kind of bittersweet

    A part of you wishes you ran a little bit faster maybe then you’d be standing at the top of the podium you’d be the one showing off your gold medal

    Social interactions work in a similar way there aren’t any medals but there are winners and losers

    You can walk away from a conversation feeling great about yourself or you can walk away feeling weak and insecure

    By trying to impress people you’re going for the gold you want them to admire you, you paint this image of yourself as flawless and accomplished and assure it makes you feel great

    But charm isn’t about how you feel it’s about how other people feel because of you when you’re constantly winning you have to remember how they feel

    Because your wins are their losses so if you want to be more charming try flipping the script make them feel like a winner

    when they tell you about their job be interested when they tell you about their accomplishments be impressed give them compliments acknowledge their hard work you see charming people aren’t afraid to step out of the spotlight

    They don’t need attention to feel good about themselves they can lose a conversation without feeling insecure

    People really like that kind of confident vulnerability so don’t worry about impressing everyone in the room stop trying to be the Alpha in every conversation

    Instead, make a habit of losing gracefully and that way people genuinely enjoy being around you and shape your charming identity on everyone’s mind.
  4. Strategic unraveling — Losing social competitions isn’t the only way to win people over you can do something similar by making them the center of attention

    Now there is a right and a wrong way to do this even if you’re not the center of attention you still have to talk you have to seem interested and you have to be involved in the conversation

    Most importantly you have to listen carefully to what they’re saying now I’m not telling you to memorize every word but you do need enough information to ask some interesting questions

    When talking to a stranger questions are your most powerful tool right now that person is like a tightly wound ball of yarn

    But every time you ask a good question well they unravel just a little bit more now, of course, some questions unravel more than others

    The best questions start with one of two things how or why if someone is telling you about a trip they took to ask why they chose their destination

    If they’re raving about a sale they made ask how they did it the questions are simple but the answers aren’t you’re asking to learn more about the way someone thinks or feels

    Doing that says you’re not only thoughtful but humble and modest too it means that you can set your own ego aside and focus on someone else

    People find this incredibly charming so the next time you start up a conversation focus on asking the right kind of questions you’ll be surprised how fast complete strangers will feel calm and comfortable around you and you will more able to impress peoples.
  5. Standing on common ground — Nothing can ruin a relationship faster than a difference in opinion even small disagreements create tension and discomfort
    common grounds to become more charming
    If you’ve known this person for a while you can usually get past it but strangers aren’t nearly as forgiving that’s because one interaction is all they have to go off up

    It determines their entire opinion of you so if they’re only going to see one side of you it shouldn’t be how different you are

    You should highlight your similarities charming people immediately look for common ground by listening to your stories they hone in on all the little things that you share

    Maybe you both love to go camping or you both like to play the same sports it doesn’t matter what it is

    The simple fact that you have something in common adds to their charm and the more they reinforce those commonalities the more likable they seem and you will able to impress them all.

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