How to make new friends at new school,new college or new cities

Recently my son changed his school so he asked me, Dad! how to make new friends in new school so researched about this topic and got great ideas from Leil Lowndes book How to talk to anyone 92 techniques.

How to make new friends at new school,new college or new cities

This book solve my problem about how to make new friends at new school completely author leil lowndes give 92 great ideas to talk and establish friendship with anyone .I remember 10 ideas which i thought my 13 year son will understand easily.

So next morning he asked me the same question Dad! Please tell me how to make new friends at new school. Now I gave him 10 tips and after understanding them he went to school happily.

When he came back from school I thought about those tips . so I asked him at dinner baby how was your day? He replied Dad I was able to talk with new friends today and they also liked me.

I will share these ideas with you also today. Leil wrote many different Techniques there on his book that was also very knowledgable you must read that book .So that you understood all those techniques.

So Now I am sharing them with you apply all today,

How to make new friends at new school,new college or new cities
How to make new friends at new school,new college or new cities

  1. The Flooding Smile
  2. When you see anyone’s face Just give him a slow smile.This will change the mindset of peoples who thinks that you are a grumpy man. A slow smile Feel Them genuine also After some days when you will apply it to all your neighbors or colleagues they will come and start communication from himself happily, That is what happened with author also.

    If you will also give a slow smile then many people will try to make friendship with you.

  3. When you start talking with a new person answer her questions in multiple lines, for example, a person in front of you asks where do you live don’t give them answer in just one word make your answer bigger by adding extra things on it like add any famous place near it That will feel him that you are really interested to talk with her.

  4. Sticky Eyes
  5. You must create eye contact with the person . If you will watch here and there while talking with her he may feel that you are not interested to talk with her and he will try to avoid you.

  6. Come across as a positive person
  7. When you meet someone don’t start talking about your history or tragedies you think you are connecting with her from your feelings but it is not true you just bored him on your first impression

    So start talking about our hobbies, likes, dislikes or passion or make some funny things.If you will create Funny moments then how to make new friends name’s problem will ended completely

    You should always stay away from arguments or negative talks if you will stay away from arguments and negative talks that will present you as a positive person who enjoys his life, not a negative one who always lived sadly.

  8. We Should always involve the person in front of us in our talks by using you, your, her name kind of words We should never include things that born exclamation in her mind words like I , me or myself should not be included

    for example, if you ask a person to lunch on a Chinese restaurant then you should ask him like this “A good Chinese restaurant has opened near you will definitely like it would you come with me there for launch” don’t ask like this “A Chinese restaurant has opened near would you come with me there for launch” If you will ask like this that will raise questions in her mind like Chinese restaurant!! how will be Chinese restaurant how will be the foods there etc. If you are able to create good excited suspense in her mind then this will be very effective.

    How to make new friends at new school,new college or new cities
    How to make new friends at new school,new college or new cities

  9. Parroting
  10. when you stuck on what to talk next then you must repeat a person’s last some words, sometimes that makes our conversation longer and also satisfy persons.
    For example, If someone person met you on road, a person whom you disliked most and you always avoid them he came and talk to you but you don’t want to talk with her then you should just repeat one word that he talks to you like he said hi you reply hi he said I came from a concert you replied concert he tells that was very excited you replied excited he tells kk came and sing his popular song then you reply kk than he said fan danced and whistling happily you reply whistling and show on … This is called parroting and it’s also a good skill to meet new people also.

  11. Be a word detective
  12. Sometimes you need to focus on people’s words only and you understands about there interest so be a good word detective.That’s why many famous persons are a good listener.

    If you will catch her/his interested words then this could be result as a strong friendship

  13. Avoid fidget
  14. Sometimes your body moments like hands-on eyes or one eye changes can hint someone that you are talking lie And this can result a loss on big deals in businesses also .so stop fidgeting but it is not mean that you become a statue we should keep our activities genuine

  15. Match the mood
  16. If you are excite enough you must not go and talk with full excitement.You should Figure out the mood of the person

    If he looks sad than talk him with low excitement after some time you can increase our mood level slowly And can make them happy also.If you will Happy him then this will create your positive image on her mind about you and will always care with you on every situation.

  17. Avoid bloopers
  18. when someone makes mistakes many people comment him and making fun on her mistakes or if you are polite you will be trying to help him but good communicator choose the third option that is also the best option which is ignoring him because of his mistake person will be already feeling worse so that will make them comfortable if you will ignore him and this will create a good picture about yourself on her mind and this will also make your one more new friend at new school.

How to make new friends at new school,new college or new cities
How to make new friends at new school,new college or new cities

So I am very tired now. I hope your proble of how to make new friends at new school will also be ended with if you will apply these. You can learn more tricks like this after buy and read this book How to talk to anyone 92 techniques.

If you also have any questions like this you can ask them with me through comments . I will try to resolve them

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