How to learn anything faster in 20 hours? Learn Art of learning

You Want To Learn New Skills With low effort for higher results, Now You will learn Art of learning in 5 easy tips, How to learn anything faster from Josh Kaufman‘s book The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast! .By applying His Principles You can learn any new skills Which could lead a successful life or felt you pleasure.

I Will Only Give you a brief idea or summary of this book If you want to learn full book You can Buy it. Link are at last of the post

How to learn anything faster? learn art of learning

According to Author,

After born of His daughter Author did take time for himself to learn new things so he start to research about how to learn anything faster And He Create These 5 Tips Which can learn you anything faster in 20 hours. and he learns many new things by following these principles.

Most barriers which stop us to learn something new are emotional By following these 5 rules we also can break these barriers easily,

How to learn anything faster? art of learning
how to grasp anything faster

So Here are 5x tips to learn anything faster –>

Set target performance level

Just Ask Yourself why you want to learn it? and how good do you want or need to be? For Example, I want to learn piano for timepass only not to go to stage performance. So don’t try to become perfectionist Just focus to learn how much needed.

Deconstruction of skills

Learn anything faster by dividing it into subskills and learn the most important one first, like the English language have 15 lakh words but 25 words are used more than 33%,
like this, every skill has some common things which give maximum results in minimum time.
How to learn anything faster? art of learning
art of learning

Research just enough

Only research that much Which You could practice properly because at the end practice will give results not research.

Removing barriears

Barriars Includes Distractions like mobile ,tv or your surroundings and Those Things that demotivate us and force to stop something Try to start with those Parts which takes low will power and low effort. Give Your full attention at learning time remove all distraction barriars.

Pre commit 20 hours

Commit for 20 hours– ask yourself can I give at least 20 hours to learn this if your answer is no then to stop and leave that work, but if your answer is yes then commit for just 20 hours which you can complete by just taking 40 min a day for 30 days

we looks stupid while learning new skills so author commits 20 hours to learn anything, because 20 hours are not very much time that make us fearfull and not too small time where we did not able to learn.

These 20 hours will end all those things which stop us to learn something new and we will start enjoying learning because after some hours our results will also reflect so don’t think too much and start learning

I am Sure by Using These researched principles You will definitely understand how to learn anything faster? By applying it practically You will also follow josh’s art of learning.

And Don’t forget to comment what you learnt By applying These principles.

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The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast! –> Josh Kaufman (Author)

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