How to hack Google? {+Google hacking database +examples}

A main part of ethicle hacking is google hacking. In Google hacking we learn how to hack google to hack others data. Google hacking database helps us to hack google and extract data to solve many problems.

how to hack google

Google hacking also called google Dorking. It is an ethical hacking technique where we find misconfiguration bugs or information leakages like passwords, credit cards, etc in the codes of sites. Google hacking is also used to find other interesting juicy information from the internet.

According to Wikipedia, google hacking is a computer hacking technique that uses Google Search and other Google applications to find security holes in the configuration and computer code that websites use.

How to hack Google?

It is not about finding bugs on google product because it is really an complex process .It is hard to find a bug on google’s product from a experienced person also because google use many genius there to protect his product and keep them secure.

how to hack google
how to hack google

To hack google we will use google dorking to uncover all sensitive data. Here I am going to tell you many operators which is used to find specific versions or specific type of things.

Google Operators

  • cache: this dork will show you the cached version of any website
  • allintitle: exactly the same as allintext, but will show pages that contain titles with X characters.
  • allintext: searches for specific text contained on any web page
  • allinurl: it can be used to fetch results whose URL contains all the specified characters
  • inurl: this is exactly the same as allinurl, but it is only useful for one single keyword
  • filetype: used to search for any kind of file extensions
  • intitle: used to search for various keywords inside the title
  • inanchor: this is useful when you need to search for an exact anchor text used on any links
  • site: will show you the full list of all indexed URLs for the specified domain and subdomain,
  • link: will show the list of web pages that have links to the specified URL
  • intext: useful to locate pages that contain certain characters or strings inside their text
  • +: used to concatenate words, useful to detect pages that use more than one specific key
  • : minus operator is used to avoiding showing results that contain certain words

Example 1 :- intittle:”how to hack google”

This query will be used to find a specific page of how to hack google on my site.

Example 2 :- “passwords” filetype:txt

This query will gather all file which have passwords name and txt extension.

Well, you can’t hack sites directly using Google, but as it has tremendous web-crawling capabilities, it can index almost anything within your website. In other words: Google “Dorking” is the practice of using Google to find vulnerable web applications and servers by using native Google search engine capabilities.

how to hack google
how to hack google

Note: While this information is publicly available on the Internet, and it is provided and encouraged to be used by Google on a legal basis, people with the wrong intentions could use this information to harm your online presence.
Be aware that Google also knows who you are when you perform this kind of query For this reason and many others, it’s advised to use it only with good intentions

What is Google Hacking Database?

Google Hacking Database is a collection of queries that can be used to uncover interesting and sensitive information. Google hacking database is categorized to process different interesting queries like file containing passwords, sensitive online shopping info, and vulnerable servers, etc

You don’t need to create your own google hacking dork you can use google hacking database to find a specific thing.

Many Experienced researcher already give there efforts to find new google dorks and they use google hacking databases to save them.

Google hacking database contains a large number of dorks to find vulnerable web applications as well as an android application. One part of this website contains exploits that are used to exploit any server, website, apps, etc, and gain unauthorized access there.

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