How to get over a breakup : tips deal (emotional feelings+move on)

how to get over a breakup

You are depressed with breakup Today we will give you a trick of how to get over a breakup and we break it in two parts, At first we will see how to move on after breakup then I will tell you How to deal with emotional hurting feelings.

Breakups really heart our feelings. We Just Stuck at a point where we miss all of her/his things. Time of meeting with a person, again and again, trigger that feeling. It raises a lot of questions in our mind such as what went wrong, what you could have done differently, and why you weren’t good enough and many more.

how to get over a breakup

Instead of thinking these thoughts you know what is best for this time is it is the best time to rebrand yourself. Sure, It is very difficult to leave and forget everything, our feelings still attached to her, someone who was consistently in your life leave suddenly will be really painful and you need time to understand everything. But you don’t have to continue to dwell on the breakup when your best self is waiting.

You don’t need to pray for love now, it is time to improve yourself It is time for a new you.which is better than the older one Better than that weaker one.

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Why Breakup Hurts? Already explained
Move On Tips
Deal with Emotional feelings

how to get over a breakup

How to get over a breakup : Move On Tips After Breakup

  1. Hide Painful Triggers — Everything That reminds you about anything of your ex makes you hard to move on and will never recover you from the breakup. So keep avoiding everything that reminds you about her such as a song, a smell, a sound, a place, etc. Remove all of the things that make your heart remind him again. It is the best time to through away or hide all gifts watches everything.
  2. Keep Away from communication mediums — Don’t open Facebook, emails, or anything where you again remind anything about her keep everything off until you did not recover completely. If you will see anything like any of her photos which she dedicates to others or place where you spent most of your time with her will again hurt you and this will again make you hard to forget him.
  3. Get out and Travell away from everything — You can go to a tour where you forget everything and relax, calm yourself down. You just need a break from that hearting you can make a plan with your friends and enjoy your every moment with her. Or you can take yourself out to do things and enjoy the freedom to do what you want. Go to your favorite coffee shop, go shopping, or take yourself on a mini-vacation.
  4. Take care of yourself — You don’t need to think about garbages more now it is the time to take care of yourself It is time to rebuild yourself so that when next time your ex saw you, she surprise to see a new you and become a fan of yours. There are many ways to improve yourself NOw you have very much time to spend with you now you can make yourself stronger from the physical level as well as mental level. You can join any sports club or yoga classes or you can develop new skills like dancing or anything where you can focus without thinking about your ex.
  5. Organize things again — Keeping busy with tidying your space doesn’t require a lot of brainpower, but it does require just enough focus to keep you from recycling pain. It is time to welcome new things now you need to prepare yourself for new things, For Your new beginning. Therefore, cleaning and organizing your personal space will leave your feeling refreshed and prepared for the new things to come.
  6. Reconnect with old friends — It is time to remind some old memories so call your old best friends and make some new memories with them remember your old crazy things without making regrets of your relationship breakup.
  7. Make a busy schedule — You don’t need free time because when you will be free your empty mind will again making stories that will definitely related to your past. So you need to make a busy schedule or you can add new things in your schedule and learn new things
  8. Make sure your surroundings — You can make your self surrounded by the peoples all the time because this time your loneliness is your biggest enemy which will create bad feelings again so make sure you are surrounded by peoples all the time when you don’t do any work and sit freely.
  9. Sign up for a few dating apps — You can move on easily after breakup YOu just need to join other relationships casually don’t be again attached with them, always remember that you accepting this new relation to move on completely.
how to get over a breakup

How to get over a breakup: Dealing with emotional feelings

  1. Understand that the pain you are feeling is normal — Every human has feelings which automatically triggers according to your situation If your love was real then it is normal to feel pain which is truth. But one more truth is feelings are temporary any of smaller things also makes us worried and sad but it doesn’t mean that this sadness will always remain the same so you should understand that this feeling is also temporary and this will also end after a time period.
  2. Adjust your focus — Focus on the things you are doing now You need to be concentrated on your work so that you can utilize your energy in the right direction and at last when all energy will be finished you will be tired and feel sleepy. If breakup makes you hard to fall asleep you can try 2 min trick to fall asleep fast. or if it is hard to focus you can try trick which helps us to keep focused.
  3. Write about your feelings — Writing any journal or poems or your feelings make your heart light. It is like giving your all pains to that paper. But don’t write your ex’s name there because this will not allow you to write your perfect emotions and all of your pain will remain the same.When you will write down everything make a plane of that page and fly that pain far from you. You will see that this feeling you lightweighted.
  4. Deal with your anger — It is normal to behave angrily when you have the stress of breakup so you need to know the art of deal with anger . This will save you from more unwanted situations. and this will also save your surroundings from you. If you are feeling too much stress you can try working tips which will help you from anxiety. If you are feeling loneliness you can try different ways to avoid loneliness one of the best ways is to learn how to live alone happily.
  5. Remind her negative things — Focus on all of the things that you don’t like about your ex .Try making a list of all of the things your ex did that you did not like can help you to get over the breakup fastly. List every little thing that bothered you.
  6. Rebuild your self-esteem — After Breakup you will have to lose you all self-esteem so you need to rebuild it by yourself by giving yourself a feeling of confidence and greatness. you can do anything which feels you pride. and then give yourself a gift because you achieve that and you completed one more step of your greatness .you can try affirmation techniques also.
  7. Return to the things you love doing, but they didn’t — Many things will be which you left because she did not do them . Remember all of them and start doing things that you loved before the relationship.
  8. You can live happily alone — You can live happily alone also . Give a challenge to yourself that you are still live your life and she is not everything your life still goes on you can still laugh loudly without her you can still enjoy everything without her. This will create a new and very powerful self-esteem which will never fall you and your feelings down again.
how to get over a breakup


By understanding all the facts we understand that we can live our life more happily without her.We need time to move on which is natural to everyone because no one can directly control his feelings .We learnt many ways to move on after breakup and we also see many ways to control bad emotions.

I am sure if you will take these tricks in your action you will be get over a breakup.If you have more suggestions you can comment below to help others.

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