How to fall asleep fast? 2 min verified, 5 step trick+13 tip’s bonus

how to fall asleep fast
how to fall asleep fast

If We want to fall asleep fast first we should know when we fall asleep fast. We sleep faster when our body or mind is tired.

But if our body and mind are not tired enough then we surrounded with anxieties or garbages and it also affects our sleep.

Here I have a solution we can asleep fast without making our body tired and this method will also help us to remove anxieties.

But Before disclose that trick i want to give you 14 tips which we should follow before going to sleep.

Bonus tips we should apply before going to sleep

  1. Take a warm bath before going to sleepRecent research found that taking a warm bath or shower before one or half hours, can help people fall asleep faster—36% faster sleep not exactly but between them.
  2. Put Mobiles or Pc down And protect your eyes before going to sleep – These electronic devices like our smartphone or laptops expose our eyes with his blue light. A researcher and sleep expert Michael Breus says that, if you absolutely can’t imagine parting ways with your devices, you should wear blue light glasses while using them.
  3. Relax before going to sleep with meditation – Meditation calms our mind down and removes all anxieties from our mind if we will practice meditation daily this could remove our problem of not able to sleep, completely.
  4. Keep all lights off and make your room black – When we keep all lights off We will send a message to our mind that it is sleep time now and our mind will ready to be sleep time.
  5. Read a book – If we read a book before going to sleep this will create peace in our mind and it helps to fall asleep fast. Reading a book will take our all focus in one place and also will remove all anxieties.
  6. Make Room temperature low – A research from sleeping experts proved that it’s easier to fall asleep fast in a cooler room. so you can make your room temperature cool so that you also fall asleep faster.
  7. Utilize your brain or body maximum in the day – If you will tired your body or mind that it is easy to sleep fast. Because a tired mind or body removes stupid thoughts in our mind and keep our mind in a peaceful state.
  8. Eat sleepy foods – A research verifies that a light snack in which a 250-calorie with 70 percent carbs could be useful to fall asleep faster.
  9. Create a schedule – Create daily schedule routines for sleeping and getting up. For an easy start follow all trick below and then create a daily routine timing to sleep and wake up so that after some time you will automatically convert it as a habit and this will help you to fall asleep faster. Make a consistent bedtime will automatically send a message to your mind that it is sleep time.
  10. Enjoy your bedtime – When you go to time take it as a festive time make yourself proud that now you will be relaxed. Stop caring how fast you fall asleep and enjoy the moment of being in bed keep feeling comfortable, quiet and responsibility-free while in bed.
  11. Make your hand and feet position cozy – Colder feet and hands can make it difficult to fall asleep. So you should also take care on it. and you must make it cozy.
  12. Use 4-7-8 Method – The 4-7-8 method is very useful to end anxieties it was researched and founded by a professor of the forward university, In this method first, we inhale for 4 seconds then we hold oxygen for 7 seconds then we exhale it slowly till 8 seconds. This method slows our heart rate and gives a healthy flow of oxygen to all parts of the body. By doing this 3-4 times we will definitely fall asleep faster.
  13. Take care of all arrangements – If our bed is not comfortable enough then this will distract our mind to discomfort or subconsciously it will stop us to fall asleep faster.
how to fall asleep fast
how to fall asleep fast

So Here All Bonus tips have ended. Now Its time to know that technique which will help us to fall asleep faster.

Technique to fall asleep faster 2 minutes trick

how to fall asleep fast
sleepy eyes

This trick I verify when I was surrounded with full of my personal anxieties And it works 100%.

  1. Relax your entire face with eyes and muscles under the mouth.
  2. Make a comfortable body position, By dropping your hands aside of your body free your shoulders, relax you lags to release tensions
  3. Exhale and relax your chest.
  4. take 10 counted long breaths and make your mind garbage free.
  5. Clear all your mind and don’t think anything on it you will befall asleep in 2 minutes
how to fall asleep fast
how to fall asleep fast

If your problem still persists than you can comment below I will help you by research more about it.

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