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Welcome Back Guys I did not write anything from 2 days because I was Research Inspiration biography And I got best one which is teaching us many Lessons for how you also become a millionaire.

As a college dropout, He became a millionaire by 28 years old and in this, We’re gonna share with you what He learned by becoming a millionaire at 28 what He learned about how to make money IN HIs Own Words.

This is something that we definitely aren’t taught in the school, A Biography Of a Millionaire and We made this Here because We are dedicated here to helping ensure your financial and physical independence in a changing world because this world especially financially is really changing

So make sure you watch this video all the way through so you can learn how to make more money how to get rich and maybe even how to become a millionaire

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So making a very relatively large amount of money and I say relative with a lot of emphasis because it’s not a lot of money in the great scheme of things at all

But one of the things I learned doing that at an earlier age and seeing most of my peers not doing that you know other people in their 20s not doing that

And made me realize that most people’s problem is they’re on the wrong income earning map . The reason I was able to do that is because I was not directly trading my time for money and if you look at anyone that achieves a lot of financial significance in terms of the progress of their goal.

They achieve a lot of financial success in a relatively short period of time meaning I’m not talking about over a 65 70 year working career they do it in a shorter period of time.

They almost always do it because they’re on a totally different financial roadmap they’re on a totally different income-earning model than everybody else and that’s a big key that’s why Steve Jobs only works for one dollar when he came back after Apple fired him the first time.

Millionaire expanses

When he came back the second time he literally worked for one dollar why did he do that because he knew that to make a lot of money it wasn’t going to happen from earned income.

It was gonna happen from being involved in things that have leverage scalability and drastically increased his income earnings ceiling

So all of his money and a lot of CEOs do this is built into the stock options and back-end profits

There’s really four huge growth in income in addition to that you also keep a lot more of your money because the tax structure structure is set up to tax the highest that earned income and so you keep more of your money and you get huge gross

but what happens is they say seventy six percent of people are living paycheck to paycheck that

you can see the problem in the keyword right there it’s a check it’s not that there’s something wrong with the job but if you’re wondering why you’re not making more money it’s because the income ceiling is largely stagnant

so if you want to have a huge shift in your income you either need to be on the side keep your job and save as much money of it from you can don’t quit keep it

but at the same time focus on a side business that has more scalability so if you’re a massage therapist for $50 an hour at your job instead of going self-employed as well and working your normal job as a massage therapist but then doing it on your own for $50 an hour as

well consider learning marketing and sales so that you can start to get local clients in your area and then get other massage therapists that do the work

Massage Envy is an example of of a scalable system versus being the person that is stuck at a fixed ceiling income level

and you notice that as I look at around and I see so many of my people in my age range , people I grew up with kind of in the same financial boat that they were in the year before in the year before not making that much progress

It’s that they’re on the wrong road map if you walk down the wrong Street you’re always going to get to the wrong destination

So comment down below comment down below multiple sources of income that’s the key here multiple sources of income comment that down below and if it’s not multiple that’s not many sources it at least needs to be higher income ceiling or leverage or scalability

So the second thing that I learned is that a million dollars isn’t very much money ,in today’s world .so the purchasing power has lost like 93 cents of its dollar since it since it came about when in 1971 we were taken off the gold standard the United States currency used to be backed by gold and now it’s not so the Fed prints so much money that it kills paper currencies, it kills fiat currencies .fiat meaning it’s not backed by anything

and interest rates are still low that what happens is it had and they’ve done it by this and they wanted to give us the appearance of wealth because they never fix the problems of the last financial crisis that happened so what they did is they lowered interest rates and put a whole bunch of money in circulation by printing quantitative easing

so what happened is it made up boom in assets and equities, so housing prices went through the freakin roof ,so what happens is everything has increased though except for wages.

so the only thing that really hasn’t inflated is wages rents are way more expensive, why are rents way more expensive health insurance all these things are way more so why is why our rents more expensive that’s the most significant thing that most of us are putting in our money too

so why is a rent so expensive well because if interest rates are really cheap it’s cheap to borrow money

so there’s all these houses being bottled over the place what does that do to the price of houses ,goes through the roof

so if you’re buying a home to rent it out and your monthly mortgage is a lot more expensive you have to increase rents you have to do it and then in addition to that so many people can’t afford houses anymore because of what the Fed is doing and the illusion of wealth they’re giving us that it’s moving so many more people to the rental markets

so the competition is also another thing that’s increasing it so what you find is a million dollars is not what it used to be at all especially when you factor in taxes

If you make a million dollars off straight earned income you’re left with it if you live in in a state with with its own income taxes you’re less with you’re left with fifty percent of it

So not to mention all of the impending financial bubbles and things we’re gonna have to deal with when baby boomers are trying to get their pensions and there’s no money in the pension funds

so what you find is a million dollars and what a use used to be which you might say that’s very negative I think it’s the opposite it’s actually empowering because so many people look at themselves as low income earners and they think they can’t earn a lot of money

They think a million dollars my gosh I can never do that’s like being able to walk on the moon that’s impossible and the word their name and millionaire in the same sentence seems like a fantasy

Billy millionaire Yeah right just Chamillionaire Yeah right but it’s actually never been actually easier to do it, based off of the technology based off of how many people are in the world so how many potential consumers customers clients are and then just based off of the fact that they’re printing so much money ,is never been easier to do it and on top of that because a million dollars isn’t what it used to be it should flip a switch into your brain this is I can do that and really instead of shooting for 1 million probably should be shooting for more like 10 million

and when you truly realize like I mean this is 100 percent rational a million dollars isn’t what it used to be it’s just the gosh-darn truth unfortunately but when you realize that then all of a sudden it’s kind of like a governor on a car you know governor in a car for the factory cars keeps them from going too fast

it’s kind of like we have a governor on our financial income earning potential where we’re like yeah I can only make about this and for most people the average household income is 50 to 60,000 in America so let’s say that that’s the governor level about 60,000 a year let’s just say that hypothetically that’s what it is

which it has to be around there that’s the average household income that’s the average that’s the governor that’s the governor Society has put on us that makes us believe we can only earn that much money

A lot of that is because we’re on the wrong income earning model so that’s the first thing but when that’s stuck in your head ,you don’t even try to get much more because you just think that’s what you can do

but realize a million dollars isn’t that much money it’s more it’s easier than ever to do it and decide that you’re going to increase how much money you make

when you invoke this law of relativity you realize is actually not impossible at all it’s a lot easier than you think

so now for the third thing that I’ve learned probably a good time for it money has nothing to do with your intellectual level it has nothing to do with your education level those things can help but they’re certainly not the determining factor of those things and you see that time and time again

Richard Branson billionaire creator of the Virgin brand he’s dyslexic and he has a middle school education Henry Ford as an elementary school education

time of millionaire
Time Management

you just go across the board and you realize that one hard work alone doesn’t equal wealth it doesn’t mean you don’t work hard but if hard work alone equaled wealth we would all be rich because pretty much everybody works hard pretty much everybody works 40-hour a week job

so it’s not hard work alone and it’s certainly not an intellectual alone because there’s a lot of people with really high IQs that are in significant debt or they’re super broke

so it doesn’t have anything to do with that either and I think that this is important i I didn’t realize that I thought there was no way I was gonna be very successful when I dropped out of college because I dropped out of college as a 19 year old the backpack around the world and then I wrote a self-published book about it and 95% of books don’t sell 2500 copies in the lifetime which means it’s extremely difficult to make money as an author

so I already thought I had that working against me but then I was 19 right so then I thought it was too young and I dropped out of college so I thought it was stupid because I was conditioned in some sense to believe I would not be financially successful if I dropped out of college and a lot of people think that but not just about college so they put other barometers on themselves and those barometers are things like my IQ is low I have a TD or ADHD that’s what I thought because I was prescribed it in high school and I couldn’t ever focus so then other people have barometers like I did bad on my my AC G’s SATs maybe their barometer is how much money their parents made

we set all these other illusion ceilings on ourselves and mine were those that I just spoke of and over time as I progress on my entrepreneurial journey over ten years I realized those things didn’t have anything to do with whether I could or could not make money

It was about my income earning matha I had to change my roadmap I was gonna directly trade my time for money I probably wasn’t gonna make a lot of it

And if I did I would be working non-stop for it there wouldn’t be any leverage I had to hire other people eventually I had to bring in more leverage

number two it’s about consistency you have to decide that you can actually earn a lot of money ,unfortunately most people don’t think they can earn it

We talked about that earlier because they think a million dollars is such a big number they don’t even think they can possibly do it

and when you start to do those things. you realize heck I can do this and it’s not about out of smart and there’s tons of people way smarter like I already know that for a fact I’m not like this I’m not a super intellectual like I’m not some like the most intellectual twenty eight-year-old in the world that’s for sure but I went down a different income earning path

and if you invest ten years into an income earning path that has more potential you’re gonna make more money over those ten years than a fixed-rate

and so when you change the model approach when you go into business for yourself you get the tax benefit so you’re gonna keep more of your money

and you can Institute leverage in these things so it’s the it’s not like oh I’m not smart enough

so comment down below I am good enough to be a millionaire comment that down below like you actually have to believe that you’re good enough to do it even if you don’t believe it just try on this thinking for a little while because what most people do is they psych themselves out so bad there’s they don’t even give themselves a chance to do it in the first place

So comment down below I’m good enough to become a millionaire comment that down below I’m good enough to become a millionaire

Now the other thing and in conclusion that I noticed a lot about is most people’s biggest probably financially isn’t their work ethic and it’s not their income earning potential

millionaire thoughts

It’s their self talk they say things like money isn’t that important if you tell yourself that money isn’t that important you’re not gonna have a lot of money you just won’t

Have you ever met someone that’s got an epic Porsche or an epic Lamborghini or super rad harley-davidson and you were like that is so cool bro you’ve got the coolest car you’ve got the coolest harley-davidson

and they’re like yeah it’s not that important it’s not that cool it’s the root of all evil by the way you’d be like that was a weirdest encounter I’ve ever had in my entire life

They wouldn’t do that because nothing fits into your experience that you don’t think is important long-term so if you talk about money that it’s not that important what are you doing you’re sending a subconscious signal that this thing isn’t a high-value of mine

Life is governed subconsciously psychologists say 95% of our life is subconscious this includes finances it’s not like that’s magically xcluded so I call it just have long proven this

95% of your life is subconscious the word sub means below so it’s below conscious it’s habitual so if you programmed yourself that money isn’t that important and it’s a low value to you and you say well you know it’s not all about that at least I’m happy

you’re rationalizing you’re making a consolation prize for yourself for not having it you’re trying to protect yourself in the feelings

I know that because I did that all the time but instead if you say that if you actually say that you want money if you actually realize that there’s tons of people that are rich and happy and it’s not an either/or mutually exclusive thing

You can actually have both of them you can say I’m gonna be rich and happy and you stop saying that it’s not that important and you stop saying well at least some happy happiness is more important and you realize that it is important and you actually embrace the fact that you truly want it

Because what most people do is they don’t embrace the things that they want in life finances for sure but everything because they don’t believe they can get it

so unconsciously their brain is trying to protect them from the feelings of failure and from failure itself because to the ego that’s death that’s extinction

and so what it does is it goes no no no no and it rationalizes you out of it but if you do that and 95 percent of your life is subconscious your subconscious is gonna ensure you don’t get it

Even if deep down you wish for it and you hope for it if you’ve convinced yourself it’s the root of all evil and God’s gonna hate you if you have it

Where that rich people are greedy you’re not going to be one of one you’re not going to want to be one of those people if you convince yourself money isn’t that important or it’s too hard to come by or the rich people have it all in the Illuminati took it

Are you gonna get it no because you built up a barrier subconsciously that’s stopping you from getting it so I always say money has ears and it hears when you call money has ears and it hears when you call

Just think about the self-talk of a millionaire versus someone who doesn’t have money someone who doesn’t have money might say well at least I’m happy the rich people have all of it they should really get the Democrats of the Republicans in office and we need this political switch and this one and we need to do this thing and that thing and the problem is I didn’t go to the right school and I’ll have the right resources and the problem is

it takes money to make money and I don’t have any money and someone tells you what you should save and then you say well I would say but I don’t have enough money that’s the mindset of someone that doesn’t have it a millionaire says money’s great

but it’s not gonna make you happy it’s not the source of happiness money is an important arena in life I want money I know money makes me a better person I know money makes the world a better place and so I I make a lot of money and I can help people and I believe that money is actually not the root of all evil at all I actually believe not having it is the root of all evil

It’s a totally different mindset if you ask a millionaire if they want money they’re gonna say yeah if you ask somebody that doesn’t have it they might say heck yeah but deep down they’ve convinced themselves for so long they don’t want it

so what I want you to do is comment down below money as ears and it hears when you call comment that down below money has ears and it hears when you call might be like oh it’s choosing you to cliche

Think about it the thinking of someone with money versus not having money is a fundamental black-and-white difference so comment down below money as ears and it hears when you call

and last but not least I learned that if you can’t respect one dollar you’re never gonna have thousands of it and you’re certainly never going to have millions of it

and what generally happens is people without money make excuses to not practice the things that they need to practice

and if you eventually come into money you’ll lose it all unless you start valuing a dollar now

so when I didn’t have a lot of income coming in I had started to develop a unique practice because for the vast majority of my life I told myself I would save once I got more money once more money is coming in I will then save more but I can’t now

and then I started changing that and regardless of how much money was coming in I started aggressively saving 10% 20% 30% working my way up to 40% ,even when there wasn’t money coming in I started not buying things that I didn’t need

I stopped buying things I didn’t need I stopped spending money on things that I didn’t need to be spending money on I started focusing on my profit margins

money brings success

Even though they were really low I started making sure I was keeping more than I was spending

Flash-forward later I probably would still be broke even with a high income because if I didn’t do these things I would have spent all the money that I had and if you’re waiting to make more money before you start being financially responsible you’re always going to be waiting for more money

It’s this kind of like weird ironic thing that when you start valuing the dollar when you start being smart with a dollar when you start practicing these principles

More money seems to come to you afterwards and unfortunately a lot of people are spending their time saying I’ll save once I get more money

I’ll do this thing once I get more money once I get more money but not now I can’t now I can’t now I can’t now and in hindsight I probably would have blown all my money if I didn’t start valuing a dollar when I didn’t have any of it

so don’t feel discouraged that you’re not where you want to be financially yet ,start focusing on increasing your income ceiling start focusing on performance-based opportunities, start performing start focusing on saving as much money as you can from your job , start focusing on multiple sources of income walk down a different income earning Street

if you walk down the wrong Street you’re always going to get to the wrong destination and when you start to really say look I can do this ,I can actually do this

I’ve just been walking on the wrong Street the whole time

Things in your life seem to start to change and I think it’s summed up best by Bill Gates ,”he said most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year “

I’m gonna be a millionaire of 12 months trust me promise you know you’ll be hearing from me at 12 months Jake I’ll I’ll be telling about you in 12 Joe you’re my story ,I never hear from them

but most people underestimate what they can accomplish in a year once you get past that uncomfortable period of six to twelve months 12 months 18 months where it’s just like you don’t know how much progress you’re really gonna make you start being aggressive with your savings

You start being aggressive with your investing you start experimenting with other income sources, once you get past that barrier that resistance over two years three years four years five years and down to that 10 year mark and Beyond

You can really amaze yourself at what you can accomplish and so that’s why I’m making this channel

so if this speaks to you make sure you subscribe this blog for more Interesting Biography like this.And Now ITs time to comment down, I’m going to become a millionaire comment down below I’m going to become a millionaire thanks If You Reached Here With Me

I realized you know a lot of the work was gonna be done and switching my income model just staying focused and those things but there was a big part which was in my mind and I feel like there aren’t any financial channels talking about this everyone’s just saying do this business do this save more money like this do this there are two people can do the exact same business or do the exact same financial principles and one person can get broke and one person can get rich

and it comes down to your mind .so get a part of your morning routine your morning ritual just listen to us for a few minutes while you stretch while you meditate while you get ready while you cook

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