How to be more Feminine |LISTEN 5 easy ways to be Cool girly girl

Hey Guys Welcome Again, Today I will give practical advice on things such as how to be more feminine or how to increase femininity and become an attractive girly girl,

how to be more Feminine

so today we’re going to talk about that but first, let’s reflect on what femininity is

What Is Feminine or femininity?

So last night I looked it up on my online dictionary and I was greeted with the wonderfully vague statement that femininity is attributes pertaining to women or womanhood

increase Femininity

Oh my goodness! thank you for that enlightening statement now what are those attributes. You know masculinity you have protecting, defending, leading, providing, The femininity of beautifying and nurturing and tending and again with that idea of creating also with creating life and nurturing that life and nurturing our lives the world around us our relationships, etc through our special way women are made

so today I want to give you the five practical tips of advice on how to be more feminine so let’s get going

How to be more Feminine or How to increase femininity?

  1. Beautify your outer self — this does not mean you need to look like Barbie to be feminine it just means you need to get in touch with your self your body and your health

    so begin beautifying your skin your hair your body from the inside out through diet and the outside and through exercise

    begin exploring what makes you beautiful and what makes you special I am NOT an advocate for extreme plastic surgery or diet pills or crazy crazy crazy beautiful things.I just think that we all have it within us to be more healthy and to be to tap into our natural beauty
    beautify your outer self
    I do wear makeup I don’t think that all feminine women need to wear makeup but I do think you need to take good care of your skin and be healthy and just give off that health vibe

    Tending to your beauty will bring out femininity because you will feel beautiful and you will feel happier, honestly, I’m always happier when I’m taking care of myself and again on a more practical note do your hair and face every single day make sure your eyebrows are groomed your eyes look open and clear your skin looks nice your hair is great again to be feminine you don’t need long hair but just work with your hair make sure it looks healthy and full and beautify your outer self

    This will help you feel beautiful and help you do beautiful things in your life because you’ll feel so confident and again confidence is something we want to build confidence in our feminine cells
  2. Beautify your environment — This means your home, your living space, things that you have control and stewardship over it basically if you’re living with mom and dad at home that means your bedroom. if you are the woman of the house that might mean your house or partnering with your spouse .if you both work to clean and organize so there’s dirty and then there’s messy so if your house is dirty you have an actual prop like mold, dirt, dust things that are not healthy almost to live with that is priority number one
    beautify you enviorment
    After you get rid of all the dirt, dust, mold, etc then move on to messiness and messiness is misplaced things in your house, unorganized things so focus on the dirty then move to the messy and then after that organization all of that

    You know I understand kids you know they’re messy you can have kind of like an icy mess in your environment but you don’t have to put in zero effort at the same I understand that you might not have a spick-and-span house but you also don’t need to have an extremely messy house

    There’s a balance we can achieve and again you don’t need to be Murray condo you don’t need to be so so so clean but it’s important to remember that some effort is good, just like with beautifying your outer self you don’t need to be a Barbie you don’t need to be Kylie Jenner you don’t need to be crazy but no effort isn’t good at either and , and that’s what we want to achieve we want to find that balance find that balance
    Femininity booster
    so nurture that space make it warm and inviting beget getting in touch with those skills you have within you of nurturing and tending and use it on your environment and not only will your mental health improve but your productivity will as well because you will not be stressed you will not be trying to leave the house to go elsewhere, to get peace of mind because your home it will be so inviting and wonderful and that’s what we want
  3. A gentle listener — so when I think about nurturing you know thinking about nurturing the things in our lives to be more feminine

    when I apply that to relationships and conversations the best thing I can fix the best thing I can encourage you to do today it begins learning how to listen and be a gentle listener so this applies to when you’re receiving criticism from somebody you know not melting down especially if it’s your parents or your partner who someone who knows you very well
    a gentle listener
    Being feminine means trying to receive that and see how it can improve your life .often people do give you criticism and it’s rude abusive horrible don’t listen to that but if it’s someone who has your best interest in mind learn to receive that so you can improve your life

    some of the best improvements in my life have come after I’ve received constructive criticism from my spouse or other people

    Again this isn’t applied to every situation often there are you know cruel people in our lives that you to listen to their words because they’re trying to hurt you but just for normal conversation getting to know your friends more getting to know the people around you even talking to people in public learn to ask questions and how to care about their lives

    The gentle listening will nurture that relationship especially in the example of romantic relationships you know there’s a lot of guys out there who are we’re ok to smile and not you know in a conversation and it’s important to ask those guys questions about their life slowly you will be able to build a framework of their life and then you will be able to ask more interesting questions about specific people or things or projects that they are working on and then you can get more in touch with their struggles what’s stressing them out
    be a gentle listener
    Often when I asked my husband what are you thinking about he’s thinking about work and some stressful thing from work and it’s important for me to have a handle on his world and the things that he doesn’t understand what he does at work

    so that I can listen better ask better questions give him advice or talk with him through things. so that I can actually be a good conversation partner. A good partner in general. I think it’s a little bit disturbing when people flippantly respond that they have no clue what their husband does at work

    Work on that you know he does wonderful interesting things you don’t you want to be that person in his life that he talks to about those things you don’t want some other woman from the workplace is the one talking to him about those things I’ll leave that there we all know what I’m talking about
  4. Build Skills or Work on Hobby — This is a practical practical practical piece of advice that I would encourage all women if you want to get more into your femininity ‘ditch the Netflix the Hulu all of that as your nightly routine and replace it with building a skill or a hobby or building your mind‘.I assure you that most people don’t know that they can learn anything new in 20 hours if they know the exact art of learning.
    skilled girl is Feminine girl
    I’m not saying you can never do those things you know but leave him more for a special occasion how TV used to be when we would look forward to watching Survivor on every Sunday night or we would I would watch America’s Next Top Model on Thursday nights you know and that was my night to watch my show and I had to wait a week but we’ve lost that with streaming services and he’s really easy to just like plop down and be mindlessly entertained

    but the problem was with that is you’re not leaning into anything you’re not leaning into building any skills you’re not leaning into a growth of your mind and you’re not leaning into growing as a feminine woman

    well femininity again is about nurturing and beautifying and so those are very active things and Netflix who all of those are very passive and so if you’re participating in passive entertainment all like every day and you’re not giving yourself time to actively nurture and enrich your skills your talents or your life you’re not going to be able to get as in touch with your femininity

    so I would encourage you to begin thinking about what did you enjoy doing as a child what are your talents what are your gifts do you have music do you like singing do you like the art I is Owen, cooking, baking kind of for my three favorite things to do to enrich my life

    I would encourage you to get in touch with something you can do with your hands maybe that’s something like exercise for you or maybe something more social like a book club or choir or community theater you know so you did sports in high school
    skilled girl is a Feminine girl
    Joined another mural League ok those things exist to join a fit body boot camp you know whatever it begins enriching and becoming more distinct and defined and what makes you, you

    Because our favorite Netflix shows aren’t a personality trait and I’m not saying that your book club is a personality trait either but through that, you get social interaction you get Life Enrichment, you learn from the book, you’re getting entertained, you get a lot more out of it and I would encourage you to begin plugging into things that you can begin using as a skill in life or things that enrich your life

    you know I wouldn’t even be here talking to you through this digital world right now if I had stayed watching passive entertainment because instead of doing that I decided to start writing and blogging so I encourage you to nurture yourself and the world around you by getting in touch with your gifts and your talents and begin and you’re reaching your life in those ways say no to Netflix and Hulu except a couple times a week and I’m sure you will see a wonderful wonderful improvement
  5. Learn to regain your privacy — I think part of being feminine and is beautifying things and part of being beautiful is having an air of mystery I do think we have lost a bit of mystery in our world I see a lot of people pouring out their entire life story personal thoughts all of that on social media but also their bodies what they’re doing from a second to second basis and everything about themselves and I don’t think that that can help you get in touch with your femininity because it really exposes you and you kind of lose that special vulnerability that happens when you can share yourself with just your friends, your spouse, yourself etc
    take care of your privacy
    A part of privacy and my encouragement to you is not seeking validation from public approval all the time. it can be kind of addicting to get affirmation for the way you look or your thoughts or your personal struggles from online or everybody in your life, but part of being feminine is remaining a little bit elegant and classy and private and so I don’t know what that looks like for you maybe you post a little bit too revealing of things you know,

    If you want to get in touch with your femininity try to understand that beautiful things have an air of mystery to them .again we can all find support by opening up online I found that through my blog but even me I keep a little bit of mystery to myself, I don’t talk about intimate details all the time my marriage, my personal life, etc I keep a bit of mystery things left for me, my spouse and it just it regains that beauty and it also helps nurture my world because if I want to nurture my soul I need to keep a bit for myself and for my god and for my husband and my friends and family and I can’t just keep baring my soul to the world all the time

    I think that that’s an important thing that’s a little bit vague in my mind still and I might go into this on a blog but just begin thinking about elegance and mystery in your life and how you can kind of tone it down a little bit tone it down maybe with your clothing or your social media presence or your selfies or whatever just wreaking a bit of mystery and you can help get that will help you get more in touch with your femininity
    take care of your privacy
    today I wanted to end with the encouragement that you don’t have to do all of this at once but they are simple anything from taking a shower today and doing your makeup picking up the world around you in your home or your bedroom

    Asking your friends a couple more questions and actually remembering things about their lives, cutting up the Netflix and including more skill-building hobbies and finally regaining a bit of your privacy keeping a bit of the mystery of your beauty physically or otherwise to yourself all of these things will help you regain a bit of your femininity today and I encourage you to do that

So HEre I ending them Comment below which one will you apply from now

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