How to be happy alone? Be a self best friend _ love self-company

Here I will make you a person who loves to live in self company. Some people are naturally happy alone. But for others, being solo is an punishment of loneliness.

But before start I want to clear that being alone is not lonely. The persons who love to live alone happily are those who have good relationship with herself. They love himself more than others.

Loneliness is like When you are surrounded by all persons like family or friend but you only connect with them in surface-level only, Means your Feelings are still not connected with all these peoples and sadly these only results hurt and broken.

Way for how to be happy alone

1 . Learn how to talk to yourself

When you sit with all peoples it is normal to ignore your inner voice but when we are sitting alone only that inner voice will be there.

Every single person has an inner voice that talks to them at all the time, and getting to know that person and how to talk to them is one of the best skill to be learn. This skill will help you be clear with yourself .

Now you will think that what is profit of being true a cleared person with himself. This is a habit which help us improve ourself on any work.

how to be happy alone

When you will alone your mind can argue with anything like any situation or any person or any other thing then you would reply to him and keep asking questions with them, consistently talking with her slowly create a habit to talk with himself.

These questions should not be negative ones because they can spoil your mood or make you emotional or angry. You would avoid negative emotions or talk they are those friends who bring you down.

When this habit will be created then The way that you talk to yourself when no one else is around will give you a different identity who you are in this world more than anything else.

2. Stop comparing yourself with others

Every person is different he/she live differently they grow different environments so stop comparing yourself with other.

When you compare yourself with other maximum time you lose your self-confidence and self-esteem. You are totally a different person if you will focus on others this will hurt you, You should always focus on your progresses your qualities.

The thing which you focus most will be increased if you will focus on your improvements your qualities, will automatically increase but if you will always focus on others’ qualities this will decrease your self-esteem and make you uncomfortable with everyone also.

So to be a happy person while being alone you would leave you habit of comparing yourself with others.

3. Spend time with nature

We all humans are connected with nature directly or indirectly . This gives us a high feel . so we should enjoy nature or just sit between green things ,Absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Feel the breeze on your face.

how to be happy alone

Research shows that 30 minutes or more a week spent in nature can improve symptoms of depression and lower blood pressure.So nature can help us to practice of being happy alone.

4. Take care of Relationships

As you become more comfortable of being alone, you might find yourself spending less time with social peoples. There’s nothing wrong with that, but close social connections are still important.

Keeping a relationship with important persons like you family, friend is still important so you should also go hang out for some meaningful conversations.

Here I am not talking about those waste relationships which only degrade your standard I am talking about those peoples who really add in space new values in your life. Call someone you haven’t heard from in a long time and take a break with some meaningful conversations with them.

5. Make plans for the future

Your future planning is very important to reach a level on your life Best way to make you future planning according to great authors are,

Where do you want to be in 5 years or in 10 years, both personally and professionally? What do you need to do to accomplish those goals?

learn happy alone

Writing this down can be helpful in guiding your decisions and ending procastinations on your work.

Revisit this exercise weekly to see if you’re on track or if goals should be revised. Having plans for tomorrow might help you feel more hopeful and productive day by day.

This exercise will end all your distractions which is created after being socialized.

6. Appreciate the silence

The times when there is nothing to distract you from the thoughts and feelings you deny yourself during your busy days.

how to be happy alone

The world is a busy place and, unless you take a moment to step away from it,it’s easy to forget how nice it is to simply sit alone and enjoy your own company.

Your inner voice will again distract you but this silence will introduce a new shape of yours.

7. Take care of your health

A self lover loves himself most instead of others he always take care for his own dressing , diets, health etc.

If you got some great things in the future you will not be able to enjoy them if you will not have good health. So you should take care of your health.This will make you healthy and attractive,

Doing exercise daily at morning will feel you fresh all the day Many books has also published on the benifits of morning exercises .This is the perfect way to be a healthy person.

There are many other things also which help you to be healthy includes foods, positive mindset etc.So you should eat good food and do exercises daily and always being positive in every situation.

8. Practice forgiveness

Forgiveness have its own other health benefits, the act of forgiveness may reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Forgiveness removes garbage from your mind and keep it clean from all unusable memories.

It’s less about making the other person feel better than it is about making yourself feel better. Yes, that means forgiving someone, forgiving all bad memories who hurts you also counts and help you to being happy alone.

9. Follow any routine

Making and following a daily routine will keep you busy and release all stress and also help you to avoid unusable surroundings.

self lover

You can create a routine which helps you to improve your personal or professional life day by day. You can also see if there’s something you can change to pull yourself out like find a new coffee shop near you, go and do some gardening, rearrange your bookshelf etc.

10. Make a plan to enjoy solo journey

Find interesting things to do and put them on your calendar. Make a list which you can do while you are bored on the bed. Here I have some suggestions for you on what to do when bored.

11. create something that adds value to your life

The best way to feel happy alone is to spend your time creating something that brings you joy. You can learn something new , productive skills I have some good things also that you should learn, these will teach you new things that will add a value on your life or you can also find anything new which add value in your life and bring your enjoyable life.

Here are some skills you should learn, Learn Art of learning, How to make buttermilk, increase your memory power . There are many other interesting things on this site also you can learn about them also.

12. Be an good observer

The more you will observe things the more you will understand them and make them perfectly .To truly enjoy being alone, learn to look at ordinary situations in new and unfamiliar ways. Go to the park and watch people play with their children or their dogs. Go to the grocery store and watch how people shop for their groceries.

be a self bestfriend

Everywhere you go, make an effort to observe the other people around you. Learning how people operate when they think ,how they think when they do something, no one is watching will make you feel more connected to them.

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