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Hey Guys, Welcome Back Today We will cover fear of failure completely. We will understand your definition for fear of failure then we will see signs and causes, and at last we will understand some easy steps to overcome fear of failure.

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What are the causes of fear of failure? Everybody has a little fear of failure but nobody wants to really admit it to themselves. They find themselves giving up on their dreams cause they are too afraid of reality messing it up or having to step out of their comfort zone. The fear of failure online and in general is one of the strongest forces that is holding many back, from becoming the person they envision in their head. Fear of failure could also come from fear of losing money and really can be fixed by building a better foundation with better money habits.

With all the uncertainty, family safety, tragedies and misfortunes it is no wonder why the average person will tend to want to play it safe. You have to also realize that playing it safe has it own set of risks as well. If you never try and dare to fail you will never succeed.

There are many out there that simply underestimate their abilities to recover from failure. This will lead people to pass up many opportunities that were the exact teacher they needed to learn a valuable lesson they are missing.

It is just like the quote “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

causes of fear of failure take action

Meaning that when you take action and really give it your all and dare to fail, you will start to see lessons in everything that your doing. All you need to do is listen to yourself and what your gut is telling you. The ability to fail and learn from it and move on, has been a hallmark of the successful achievers throughout history.

Now it is only natural to feel the fear of failure when you try to build a successful online business. Working on it all the time with no payoff can make many fearful. It is only natural to feel fear when you taking risks and going into the unknown. You are constantly second guessing yourself and always are thinking what will happen and where you are going to be when its all said and done.

When your first starting out online you will quickly find, that building your online business is no easy task. There are many failures when you start your journey online and the quickest way to get over it is to take action and start failing. When you just get momentum a body in motion tends to stay in motion and you can keep that momentum to keep failing your way to success.

You will start to see a pattern as the successful people are the ones that have been knocked down or bucked off but the difference is successful people get back up on that horse and ride again. Successful people are nothing more than people who handle failure well, refusing to get knocked down and keep on going.

This is truly how to get over failure and be successful. You need to remember that everything is all in your definition and perception of what failure is. Failure can be looked at as a way to learn or looked at as something that makes you look stupid or dumb.


You have possibly heard people say don’t let your ego get in the way, well that applies a lot to failure. Many people associate and define failure as being weak or helpless. When we fail, if we tune-in and listen to ourselves we are actually strengthened and taught valuable insight.

love myself

So in order to get over the fear of failure you need to have control of your ego first. If you feel that your too good or too cool this will present a problem. You may be feeling that you cannot live a certain way again or worry that people may think your crazy. Many may feel that if you fail, you will have to go backwards.

If you never fail you will never push forward. It is unrealistic to believe that you are going to do something perfect for the first time without fail. Learning to look at things differently, bouncing back, and using the failure to your advantage is the main thing to remember.



You will noticed that you are learning lots of extra things from failure. Everyone who didn’t try and fail will not be able to discover the insight that you were able to find out through failure. You will start to realize that you are figuring out things much quicker by just, hurrying up and failing.

Learn to listen to yourself and try to understand what the failure is telling you. If you don’t try and fail, you will never grow and learn. Try failing at something new and foreign to you that you don’t care about. If you fail at something smaller its no big deal. Then you’ll see what you learn from it and be surprised on how many insightful answers pop into your head.

Once you start small you wont have the fear to fail on bigger projects. The mechanics of a small project are the same as a big project. If the mechanics are the same then all you can do is try your best, fail, re-calibrate and try again.

Michael Jordan is considered the greatest player that ever lived…

  • Yet he failed in the beginning and was cut from his high school basketball team.  

He has also made the most game winning shots…

  • Yet failed and missed the most game winning shots as well.

So you never want to be afraid of failure as it is life’s way of teaching you how to succeed. If you want to learn quickly you have to give it your best and just fail and re-calibrate and try again. The more you fail the closer you are to succeeding. It is just a matter of time before you start to really find your calling. Through failure people can find out what they like and don’t like to do as well.

Set up small goals or wins that are slightly challenging. If you are afraid of failing and not being accepted for a program or school, just set a small goal of just simply talking with the admissions officers to see what is truly required. Try to make tiny baby step goals to build your momentum, to complete bigger and better ones. Don’t focus on the end goal such as making a million dollars online. Just focus on the next step such as making your first sale and then making multiple sales.

Taking one step at a time will lower your fear of failure and help build confidence and keep your moving towards your goal. This will also prevent people from getting overwhelmed and/or creating fictitious scenarios of failure in your head. Just take small steps and quickly recover from failure and move forward.

Ask yourself some important questions to learn from a failure!

  • What was learned from the failure
  • How can this failure teach you to move forward and grow
  • What are the positives that happened due to this failure

When you first try to ask yourself these questions your mind will struggle to find good or positives in failure. Just keep trying and before you know it you will start to see positive opportunities that can come from failure.


system failure
  • Not wanting to try new or challenging projects.
  • Fail to follow through with goals through self-sabotage, procrastination.
  • No self-confidence, thinking that you’re not good enough or smart enough.
  • Problem with trying to be perfect and always expecting perfectionism and only willing to do things your good at.


There will always be a chance of failing with everything that we do. Standing up and accepting and embracing failure as a way of life and part of the process will lead to a much more rewarding life.


Remove The Fear Of The Unknown – Many have the fear of failure because they fear the unknown. Remove fear by looking at all your potential outcomes for making a certain decision. Visually map out what the worst and best things that could happen with all the outcomes you can possibly think of. Once you have this in front of you and you visually see it, it can reduce the fear quite a bit.


Consider Making A Plan B – You don’t have to burn your boats like the Greek warriors and fight with a do or die attitude. it’s all right to have a plan B in this day and age. Making a solid plan B can typically make your plan A go smoothly, almost to reverse the effects of Murphy’s law and since you are ready for failure, failure wont happen.

Identify The Root Cause – Take a minute to really think back to were your fear of failure originated. Really try to see what comes up and what you see or feel when you close your eyes. You may have a block from years ago constantly making you fearful and realize that it was nothing to be worried about when you confront it,.

Completely Surrender – Fear will typically paralyze most of us. Like with anxiety people will notice that fear will quickly dissipate if you allow the feeling to show up and don’t fight it.

Love Making Mistakes –   The proper mindset for success is a stoic attitude in the face of failure and seeing it as a necessary part of learning and advancement.  So go out and start failing and learn to embrace it.

Stop Trying So Hard – While you need to give it your best, stop second guessing and tormenting your mind with “what if’s.” Just get started do your best and and don’t over think it.

Shift Your Way Of Thinking –  Be aware of your fear of failure and look at each failure as a teacher disguised as a problem. It is said that it is not through our success that we become wise but through our failures. Look at failure as life’s way of telling you its time to grow unless your fine with staying in the same place.

Think Of The Cost If You Miss Out – The benefits people lose by avoiding high risk/high reward opportunities is huge. You will ultimately be cheating yourself if you don’t fail. Look at it as a part of the learning process, become stronger and move on.

Learn To Get The Right Help –  This is important if you are not understanding what is going on and failing over and over you could stop this by receiving the right information. If you are just starting out learn the current situation, techniques first.

In Conclusion 

Causes of fear of failure can vary greatly from person to person. Failure is a good thing and you don’t want to fear it, you actually want to embrace it. It is a false theory and belief that makes you feel that failure is a bad thing. Understand that everybody fails and the sooner you fail, the sooner you succeed.

Remember that the only thing we really have to fear is typically fear itself. If you don’t attempt anything because of the fear of failure you will inevitably fail. So take action and slowly dissolve the fear of failure from your life.

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If you have any questions or comments or would like to share a story about your fear of failure please feel free to leave a comment below

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