7 types of people you need to avoid

Hey everyone today we’re going to learn about seven types of people you need to avoid now let’s begin.

  1. The chronic gossip — Everyone has a gossip lurking somewhere in their lives thinking about that friend who can’t stop stirring up conflict

    or the co-worker who’s constantly talking about other people’s personal lives
    avoid these people
    A gossip is someone who deliberately tears you down but only behind your back

    They’ll never say anything bad to your face they’ll smile and pretend they’re your best friend and then talk trash about you moments after you leave the room

    but what’s in it for them well for starters they think it’s entertaining gossips usually don’t realize how much they’re hurting other people

    but even if they do they probably don’t care gossip is also a big ego-booster criticizing other people gives them power and

    it gets people’s attention which makes them feel special to spending time with a gossip is a great way to get hurt so do yourself a huge favor and steer clear
  2. The emotional Underminer — This might be the most irritating personality type on this list for anyone who’s dealt with one firsthand

    well I’m sure you know exactly why imagine you just got home from a horrible day at work that morning your coworker messed up on a big project
    avoid these people
    but instead of fessing up to your boss your coworker sat back and let you take the heat

    because of them, you spent the entire afternoon getting yelled at your thought you might even get fired even though you had nothing to do with it, obviously, this is an incredibly frustrating situation

    when you get home you’re still feeling angry and helpless so you call your partner to let off some steam think about what you expect from that phone call

    you’re looking for a little support right you’re hoping they’ll listen and make you feel heard

    but halfway through your story your partner cuts you off and says Oh come on you’re just being dramatic

    emotional under miners do this kind of thing all the time they constantly brush you off and invalidate your feelings it doesn’t matter how sad or frustrated you are

    they act like your problems just don’t matter how I know it doesn’t sound that bad but trust me it’s a major issue in the long run

    because your partner isn’t just being negligent they’re making you feel guilty for expressing yourself words like dramatic, crazy and oversensitive .trivialize your emotions and it makes you feel foolish for having them

    these bad habits may be subtle but they’re still extremely toxic because in their mind your feelings just don’t carry any weight

    emotional under minors don’t respect you or take you seriously they might even think they’re better than you

    most under minors treat your emotional intelligence like a weakness why well because they struggle to express or understand themselves

    since under minors can’t translate their own feelings into words they make a habit of stepping on the people that can

    so don’t spend another minute getting stepped on whether it’s your friend or your partner

    get rid of the underminers in your life
  3. The sinking ship — let’s say you’re sailing on the ocean when suddenly you run across a reef

    The bottom of your boat gets torn apart and you barely managed to stay afloat
    avoid these people
    Most people would try to fix their boat right but instead, you turn around and go through that reef a second time and then when that doesn’t sink you

    you’d do it again that’s essentially how this personality type lives they act out the same destructive cycles and fall for the same traps no matter how much it ruins their life as a friend or partner this is incredibly stressful to watch

    You know exactly what they’re doing wrong maybe you’ve told them a dozen times to stop but it never works the truth is

    there’s only so much you can do if they don’t want to change it’s not worth sinking alongside them
  4. The personality performer — These people where their personality like a mask on the outside performers seem polished and controlled they might dazzle you with their charisma

    flourish under the spotlight or win the respect of everyone they meet but none of it’s for real
    avoid these people
    it’s all a performance performers embody the phrase fake it until you make it to get what they want they interact with the world using complicated fake personalities

    Now I say personalities plural because there’s usually more than one many performers have a different mask prepared for every environment

    one they wear to impress their friends another they use to intimidate their co-workers you see each mask is tailor-made for a specific kind of reaction to grab people’s attention

    To feel more powerful or just to blend into the crowd performers have no real problem treating their personality as a tool

    if they need to become a completely different person well they’ll do it without a second thought

    but the biggest problem with this personality type isn’t their flexibility it’s their complete lack of honesty with others and themselves

    performers spend so much time manicuring their fake personalities that they rarely get in touch with their real emotions

    so most of them are extremely immature if you manage to get a glimpse behind the curtain

    you’ll find someone who’s selfish childish and almost always unhappy

    so what went wrong performers don’t pay nearly enough attention to their interior selves they’re out of touch with their genuine wants needs and goals
    avoid these people
    it takes a lot of time to develop enough confidence to share your interior self with the world

    but performers never do instead they’re scared of letting down their walls to a performer nothing is more terrifying than being vulnerable

    some people become performers because they’re worried about getting hurts they use their fake personality like a shield to protect them from danger

    others perform because they’re deeply unsatisfied with their real personalities each mask is an opportunity to be someone else someone they actually like if it wasn’t obvious enough already

    Trust is something you’ll never have with a performer bonding is almost impossible because you’re not interacting with their interior selves

    you’re just talking to a mask. So It is good to avoid these peoples
  5. The ball of nerves — Have you ever met someone who’s constantly paranoid I mean no matter what they’re doing they always think someone’s out to get them

    if they fail a test it’s because their teacher hates them if they get fired from their job they insist that their co-workers were conspiring against them

    these people don’t think anything is their fault instead they’ll find a thousand reasons why it’s somebody else’s

    To make matters worse this personality type is really judgmental they’re not fun people to be around because in their eyes you can never do anything right

    they’ll insult you they’ll try to control you and they’ll never forgive you for making a mistake

    so save yourself from the grudges and pointless paranoia if you run into a ball of nerves don’t bother getting involved just avoid them
  6. The brick wall — have you ever heard the expression it’s like talking to a brick wall

    well that’s what you get with this personality type they’re terrible communicators and they’re notoriously distant but that’s not why they’re toxic

    you might have friends who are reserved and aloof but they may find other ways to communicate and strengthen your friendship
    avoid these people
    The real problems start when a brick wall runs away instead of working through their problems they completely avoid them

    you might notice a brick wall pretending that they’re obvious issues just don’t exist but they do and someone’s got to take care of them

    Unfortunately that someone usually turns out to be you the worst part is you can’t even confront them about it brick walls hate hearing about their failures if you tell them that they’re in denial

    there’s a good chance they’ll lash out now I know on the surface it looks like brick walls don’t have any emotions but they do have an of pent-up frustration and over time it can cause them and you a lot of unnecessary stress

    Many brick walls become bitter resentful people because they’ve been holding on to the same unresolved issues for their entire lives

    now, of course, it’s not your job to solve their problems for them if you know someone who acts like a brick wall

    it may be the time to take a step back and avoid these peoples
  7. The puppet master — Finally let’s talk about the most extreme of our seven personalities

    puppet masters have little to no empathy they treat manipulation like a sport and they only care about their own satisfaction
    avoid these people
    if it sounds like I’m describing a psychopath that’s because I am

    many puppet masters fit well with clinical definitions of psychopathy they’re usually narcissistic and tend to be uncomfortably aggressive

    most importantly they’ve got this unique combination of high self-worth and a fragile ego

    they think they deserve more than anyone that they’re destined for some kind of power or prestige and unfortunately, that self-obsession can lead them down a very dark road

    not all puppet masters or Psychopaths but you should still keep your distance

    puppet masters have no problem taking advantage of other people even their friends and family

    They developed these parasitic relationships which lets them benefit from all your hard work

    since they’re lacking in the empathy department this doesn’t sound like a problem to them but it is a problem for you

    if someone is intentionally using you it’s time to make a change

    Hey thank you for reading completely.

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