eat that frog

Time management skills | From Eat that frog Book – 3 Principles

Today We are going to improve our time management skills. Today I will tell you 2 principles from famous book eat that frog which help you to achieve an effective time management. Good time management allows you to achieve more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning […]

how to get rid of hiccups

How to get rid of hiccups?100% verified tips (causes+prevention)

Hiccups are natural reactions in our bodies. Which gives us temporary discomfort. Today we will end these discomforts. Here we will see how to get rid of hiccups? which causes hiccups? and many more. Medical Name — synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF) or singultus Hiccups often occur suddenly and can quickly become annoying.Mostly they ended automatically […]

What are the benefits of push ups

What are the Benefits of Push Ups? Proper Forms+ Mistakes

Best Part of Push-ups is that you can do them anywhere, any time without any cost and without any equipment. Today we will see benefits of push-ups if we do them daily as a routine they will very useful for our upper part of the body. Push-ups are most effective in strengthening the muscles around the shoulder […]

what are the benefits of papaya

What are the benefits of papaya? How to eat papayas +5 risks

Here we will discuss the benefits of papaya. This fruit will become tasty for you also if you develop a taste for it. Papayas grow in tropical climates and are also known as Carica papaya scientifically and one more common name of papaya is pawpaw and melon tree. Christopher Columbus said papayas were the ‘fruit […]

stop being lazy

How to overcome laziness|where does it comes|Let’s Stop being lazy

Today we will learn how to overcome laziness, how to stop being lazy dumb. But before overcome laziness, , we will understand where does laziness come from? Before start please leave motivation for us by 1 comment or your feedback or do 1 share with lazy friend ,relative or subscribe us by email .These small […]