10 lessons about life People learn too late

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people learn too late
  1. Time doesn’t last forever — Procrastinators like to say that you have all the time in the world when you look at all the years you have left.

    yeah it’s tempting to believe it that time doesn’t last forever a lifetime only feels long until you’ve lived it until those years have passed you by

    because that’s when you realize how little you actually accomplished or how few of your goals you really achieve

    you spent so much time saving your dreams for later but later never came and your dreams fell by the wayside

    In life countless people take their time for granted they’re so concentrated on money cars and other luxuries that they forget how valuable that every hour of their time really is
    common mistakes you should avoid about life
    unlike those material goods,time is something you can only experience once when an hour of your life has passed you by you’re never gonna get it back

    Just think about all that time that you’ve spent mindlessly browsing social media mm-hmm it’s gone

    or the four hours that you wasted playing video games those are four hours that you’ll never see again so the next time you’re distracted or procrastinating just remember this important lesson no matter how you slice it time doesn’t last forever
  2. Change requires your best — Change well it isn’t easy it doesn’t happen naturally you can’t sit around and wait for the universe to hand you the life that you’ve always imagined

    there’s only one way to make any kind of real progress you need to take the initiative and you have to commit a hundred percent

    so that means taking whatever risks that you need to take and working as long as you have to because if you’re not willing to give something you’re tall then you’ll never come out on top
    do your best
    imagine for example that you want to be a professional athlete you might think all you need to do is go to practice and play well during the games

    But that’s not enough the more you want to achieve the more sacrifices that you need to make the more time and effort you need to dedicate to realize your dreams

    Now, of course, that can be scary what happens if you invest everything you have but you don’t make it as an athlete you might spend extra time at the gym change your entire diet and learn all kinds of new techniques and you still might fail that’s a big reason why so many people stop trying or they take the easy road

    they don’t want to find out that all of their hard work was for nothing but if you ever hope to accomplish your goals that’s a risk that you have to be willing to take
  3. Complaining solves nothing — The average person wastes an unbelievable amount of their time complaining but complaining never solved anything yeah sure it can be a good way to let off steam but complaining will never fix your issues or motivate you to make a change

    every time you complain it’s like you’re burying yourself under this mountain of negativity on their own those little comments about your boss or the traffic on the freeway they don’t seem like much
    common mistakes you should avoid about life
    But over time that negativity really piles up and it gets harder and harder to dig yourself out

    so instead of whining about your problems do something about them figure out what’s wrong and find a lasting solution because complaining isn’t doing you any favors
  4. Regretting missed opportunities — Regret has been a really popular subject in psychology over the last few years

    several studies have tried to figure out what experiences people regret the most in life

    one of the most interesting discoveries was that younger and older people tend to regret very different things

    younger people were embarrassed about the mistakes they made they might regret spilling coffee all over themselves or hurting someone else’s feelings
    common mistakes you should avoid about life
    but older people had regrets about something completely different looking back on their lives older participants actually valued those mistakes and bad experiences

    their regrets revolved entirely around the chances that they didn’t take so that means in 10 20 or 50 years you might look back and wish you’d done more

    so take those risks now be willing to make mistakes because as scary or embarrassing as it seems in the moment you’ll be proud of yourself in the long run
  5. Value your spontaneity — Few people understand how valuable spontaneity really is

    Being spontaneous means acting on your impulses and trying new things

    it’s about getting out of your comfort zone being unpredictable and taking chances

    now this may not sound like a life-changing lesson but just think about this how much of your life do you plan out ahead of time
    common mistakes you should avoid about life
    you might schedule everything from the work you do to the food you eat and usually, that’s a good thing predictable routines are comfortable and safe they give us a much-needed sense of stability in our busy lives

    but too much stability will suck the excitement right out of your life that’s why you need spontaneity to get inspired and try new things

    A single spontaneous adventure can nurture the more creative and passionate sides of your personality it forces you to be vulnerable which may be something that you rarely do

    just remember that being spontaneous and being reckless are two very different things you shouldn’t make big expensive decisions without thinking but you also shouldn’t be afraid to set aside your routines and face the unknown
  6. Discover your niche — Our lives are filled with all kinds of norms and expectations people expect you to wear certain clothes, they expect you to know certain words, they even expect you to watch certain movies

    over the years you’ve been taught to blend into the crowd you learned that the best way to find success is to be as normal and mainstream as possible
    common mistakes you should avoid about life
    it takes decades for people to realize just how worthless those social norms really are because the things that actually mean something to you come directly from you

    no one tells you that life is about finding a unique niche to call your own the rest of the world may not notice or care but that’s not what’s important as long as you find something that’s meaningful to you then it will always be worth doing
  7. Choose passion over money — Many people base their entire lives around their paycheck they choose whatever field earns them the most money and then they struggle through years and years of schooling

    But when they finally ge there they realized that a big paycheck isn’t as fulfilling as they thought money can buy you a lot of things a fancy house expensive clothes the fastest coolest cars but happiness is something you can’t buy with all the money in the world

    so as you’re searching for your path in life don’t base your decision on the number of zeros in your salary choose a path that sparks your interest that gets you excited that leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end of your day because that’s the kind of work that you’re truly passionate about
  8. Skip the shortcuts — Everyone’s heard work smarter not harder but what does that phrase mean to you

    it’s telling you to take a more innovative approach to your work to think through your problems instead of doing it the hard way

    but that’s not what most people hear to them work smarter not harder is an excuse to take shortcuts and cut corners
    common mistakes you should avoid about life
    so that’s exactly what they do without realizing just how destructive those shortcuts can be as you’re learning and growing you need to do things the hard way

    you need to weather the storm and experience the ups and downs why well because working hard shows you what working smart actually looks like
  9. Health habits are a lifelong battle — Just take a minute to imagine your ideal self most people think about their dream job or their perfect home but I want you to focus on something else

    what is your lifestyle look like you might picture yourself with all kinds of healthy habits maybe you’ve started running every morning or you see yourself reading a new book every week
    Healthy Eating Habits
    But those healthy habits don’t just appear out of nowhere it takes years to build routines that foster your mental and physical health so even if your ideal self is 20 years down the road start developing your healthy habits right now
  10. Expect the unexpected — No one tells you how inevitable failure really is your teachers and your mentors fill your head with lofty goals and big dreams

    but they don’t prepare you for the roadblocks standing in your way no matter what path you choose it’s safe to assume that something will go wrong

    maybe you won’t climb the ladder as quickly as you thought or you might have trouble standing outs feeling like a little fish in a big pond

    My point here is you can’t expect everything to go your way something is going to throw a wrench in your plans so be prepared to be ready to recover and adapt
    except what unexcepted
    Otherwise, each failure is going to cut you down and destroy your motivation if you let that happen you’ll never be able to pick yourself back up again

    so expect the unexpected persevere through failure and when things don’t go the way you planned always try again

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